Friday, 16 September 2016

Spanking on a first date

While chatting with spankees I've met over the last few months, it certainly seems that a lot of people who love spanking are in a relationship where the other person isn't into being spanked, or they can't find someone who is. Well, I think that might be changing, perhaps thanks to 50 Shades Of Grey, and almost definitely because the kinky (and also highly abusive and unrealistic) relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn seems to have captured the mainstream imagination.
So perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when on a supposedly 'Vanilla' date a few months ago a lady confessed she liked being spanked. But she probably was a bit surprised when she gave me a bit too much cheek on the drive home, so I immediately pulled into a side road and ordered her to get out. Then I had her stand outside the car and bend over her seat so her gorgeous bottom was tight to her jeans and ripe for some good hard smacks, which I duly delivered. It was dark by then, so I'm sure nobody in the passing cars saw anything ;)

Unfortunately my tardiness in blogging about my real life experiences means we are no longer dating at the time of writing, but we certainly had some spanking fun during our time together!
Once she realised I was serious about spanking her, she got into it and enjoyed herself very much. Needless to say there was a second date, and I've spanked her on pretty much every date we had. She definitely falls into the bracket of the professional lady who busts balls at work all day and so wants to be submissive when she's at home. Classic!

After Hours

As well as my bare hand, she also enjoyed being paddled, and being tied up and gagged. And she regularly got sent to work with a red hot bottom, to give her something to think about while she was bossing her subordinates around!

Miss Russell

Like most naughty ladies though, she really didn't like my London Tanners slipper paddle, or the hairbrush, or my belt for that matter. So I had to save that for when she was really naughty...

Paddled Buns
Sorry She Pushed His Buttons

Earning the Belt
Tasting the Belt

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