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British spanking mags: confessions of cuckolding lead to canings

While wives have turned screwing around behind hubby's back into an art form, sometimes they might come across men who still care enough about society's morals to thrash them soundly!
In 'Victoriana', it is the guilty wife herself who seeks out her much-needed punishment...

'You mean a wife could expect a severe whipping if she was in any way unfaithful?' She was almost trembling yet seemed driven by a determination to have her questions answered.
'Yes,' he replied. 'A wife could expect the severest punishment for disloyalty.'
'How many strokes would having an affair merit, do you think? Say on a young wife, about my age, who like me had been married for only just two years and who still loved her husband dearly.'
He looked at her carefully. He could sense his reply was going to be very important for her.
'Twenty four strokes, I would say. That was an average number for a really serious offence,' he replied honestly.
She bit her lip. 'As many as that? Even though it was the first time she had been unfaithful and it was only a one night stand?'
Suddenly, as if a dam had burst within her, she began to talk rapidly, the words pouring out.
'What if the wife had just gone out once with someone at the office where she worked when her husband was away on one of his frequent trips abroad and she was lonely and she had a little bit too much to drink and had rather stupidly gone to a party with this work colleague and things had gone too far....

'And what if she knew that if she told her husband he wouldn't spank her silly little bottom like she deserved? What if this wasn't the Victorian age when she could look forward to a deserved thrashing and then got on with her marriage but 100 years later when her husband would never dream of caning her but would be dreadfully hurt if she told him the truth about what happened? What could a young wife like that do?'
'You're right,' she said with sudden anger. 'It was easier for the Victorians. They didn't have to live with this terrible guilt.' She seemed on the point of bursting into tears. Taking a deep breath she continued in a quiet voice. 'What if she loved her husband TOO MUCH to tell him? Couldn't the twentieth century wife go to a man who lived nearby who was interested in the Victorian age and how Victorian wives were punished? Would he do that as a favour to her do you think so that she could solve her dilemma and save her marriage?' Her blue eyes were full of pleading.

'Yes,' he replied quietly. 'If that was what she wanted.' She drew the cane quickly out of the umbrella stand and placed it firmly in his hands.
'It is,' she whispered urgently. 'My husband will not be back until the end of next week. He will never know. Cane me here, now, this afternoon, please.'

Whereas Mrs Elena Solari in 'Under a Mediterranean Sun' is a Catholic and is required to confess her adultery to absolve her sins. Elena is the kind of gorgeous, curvaceous older lady that every man (and his milkman) hopes his wife turns into...

But when she takes her engaged daughter Maria to the priest to be punished for frolicking with boys, we soon learn where Maria gets it from!

Her mother watched impassively, remembering when she herself was 18. Maria was just like her. She had also received the belt from her father and a whipping from the priest and her schoolmaster, but none of it had ever stopped her going out with boys.

Elena waited, listening for the inevitable sound of anguished cries.

And after the daughter's punishment we find out Mrs Solari hasn't left her wicked ways behind...

Elena had a penance of her own to do. The priest's cane had not yet finished its work.
Don Stefano gave a muttered instruction and Elena went to re-lock the door. At 35 she remained a very attractive woman, a somewhat more mature version of her daughter, but with face still handsome, shoulder-length hair still glossily chestnut, and ripe breasts and buttocks still taut and firm. A ripe and responsive body which, it seemed, could not always be controlled and kept strictly for the sanctity of the marriage bed. It was that implacably burning sun, Don Stefano told himself, forever heating up a woman's loins. That pagan sun and the Devil.
In Elena Solari's case – her most recent case – it was a tourist she had chanced to meet on a country road. An American who, without any great difficulty it seemed, had been able to persuade the 35 year old matron to walk with him to some nearby woods and there engage in the act of sexual intercourse.

As she now stood in front of him in the little room Don Stefano made Elena repeat all the details – what the man had done, what she had done, the precise position they had adopted for their illicit coupling. Unblinking eyes on the scarlet-faced woman, the priest felt his blood stirring. The Devil never slept. When he had got the last detail out of her he told Elena to take all her clothes off.
She now stood naked apart from stockings and shoes, full, firm rosy-nippled breasts pointing at the priest.
Eyes firmly fixed on the nude body, on the jutting breasts and the thickly tufted mons veneris, Don Stefano delivered his homily – on the sin of adultery and fornication. Elena heard it as she had heard it before, standing straight and still, hands at her sides. She tried to concentrate but she was thinking now of the American greedily thrusting hard into her – and then of Don Stefano's cane which would shortly be searing her bottom, as it had Maria's.

Though her husband would no doubt be furious if he found out, he does get some benefit from his wife's adultery... Though not as much as she does!

Once at home she grabbed her husband, Franco, and pulled him into the bedroom. Without speaking she locked the door then pulled him down on the bed on top of her. They made love, Elena with that fierce desperation which the cane always induced in her, though she was careful to ensure that her husband did not get a look at the state of her backside. 
Afterwards Franco asked about Maria. Fastening his trousers he said, grimly, "Well she's in for a belting this evening!"
Elena heard her daughter's anguished cries – spaced at about 30 second intervals. Eight in all. She gave a shiver. If Franco found out about the state of her own bottom and then discovered the reason, it would be she who would be ordered upstairs – and getting something which would make what he was meting out to Maria seem like love taps. Elena's safety lay only in her husband's ultra-conventional approach to love making. 
He was a good man but..... she sighed and then shivered again. She thought of the stranger at the bus stop who had fondled her bottom and wondered if he would be there tomorrow. 

Tomorrow when, as always, that infernal sun would be beating down producing the stirring in her loins she could not resist, just like her daughter and all the other women. But Don Stefano would be there, as ever, doing his best to stem the tide.

I love how these spanking stories often show married ladies playing around to be somewhat hereditary, with the mothers just as eager to have fun with the boys as their daughters!

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