Friday, 29 June 2018

Nate manips: Grownup Boys Still Get Spanked

Normally my manip series use the work of artists who are no longer producing (Endart, Jonathan, Vane) or are no longer able to (Eric Stanton). Nate is technically still active. However, for obvious reasons some of his best work can no longer be posted online. However that doesn't mean that his forbidden drawings of statuesque stunners who love to make boys suffer should be lost forever. I thought it was fair game to create some manips featuring the best of his spankers whose original appearances can no longer be uploaded, plus some gorgeous ladies who (so far) have only been spectators...

Do you have any experiences or fantasies involving being spanked by a matriarch (or patriarch)? Or perhaps you are a statuesque matriach with a penchant for putting frightened boys across your knee and spanking their bare bottoms? Or maybe listening at their bedroom door with your hands down your knickers as your lover/lodger/brother skewers their tight little rumps with his big manly cock? If so, please share in the comments!
As I posted about at the time, a few years ago Nate seemed to have returned, as a glut of new drawings in his inimitable style appeared online. And then just as quickly, everything stopped, and now apart from the few new pictures still scattered around the internet, Nate seems to have vanished again. If anyone knows what happened or where his work can be accessed please let me know in the comments. And if the artist himself happens to be reading this, I hope you don't mind me doing manips of your amazing work while you are technically still active...
If Nate is displeased, perhaps I should be made to spend an afternoon with one of his gorgeous, voluptuous older ladies, getting a stern lecture on copyright infringement via the hard side of her hairbrush :D I am hugely attracted to larger dominant ladies (especially in mother/auntie/in-law/nanny scenarios, though I certainly wouldn't mind having a hard-spanking BBW wife) and I think Nate's drawings were a big influence on that.
I have another Nate manip series to come, which uses up the rest of my favourite of Nate's dominant ladies. After that I probably won't do any more Nate manips (unless there's a lot of interest). I tend to like to add a sexual and/or cuckolding theme to my manips to differentiate them from the originals (otherwise why not just go back and look at the original artists' work?) and this would be very hard with Nate's work as he pretty much only ever drew one erect cock and one bare pussy, so I don't have much to work with.
This is a shame as I am very happy with the final manip, which is more like what I usually do. The dominant landlady is utterly gorgeous and her actions remind me of the wicked mothers in traditional British spanking magazines who sent their daughters off to be spanked and seen-to by supposedly respectable older men, just so they could have some private time with their lovers while their husbands were away! And of course being trapped in a house with a man who spanks me every day in my dorky sweater-vest and makes me suck his cock before buggering me senseless is just the sort of thing I fantasize about as a closeted bisexual middle-class boy!

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Jonathan art manips: Office etiquette

I have to admit that my sissy bi-curious self is incredibly turned on by the thought of men in suits going at it in hot, heavy gay sex romps - especially when one of them is a cute twentysomething office boy sucking on his older bosses' big cocks and getting fucked in his pert, well-spanked arse! Apart from a few dabbles I've never done a proper series on gay office sex with Jonathan's art (it's perhaps easier to do with Endart's) but then I was inspired by an email conversation with a fellow wristwatch fetishist. While discussing our gay fantasies he mentioned that ' I so want a master to remove [a watch] from my wrist and strap it round his cock and command me to suck'. I also have long had this fantasy of sucking a cock with a big metal Daddy watch around it, so I decided I just had to base a manip series around it...

Do you have fantasies about sex acts involving wristwatches? Or wank yourself silly thinking of men in suits going at it hard (with shirts, ties, shiny shoes and oooooh - sock garters!). If so, please share them in the comments :)
There has perhaps never been a better time to fantasize about hot young office boys performing humiliating homosexual act to keep their jobs, because it has such a ring of truth to it! It almost seems like my fantasy world, where middle-class beta males go from getting beaten and buggered at boarding school to serving their superior bosses sexually at work (and of course getting cuckolded at home), is cumming true!
I feel sorry for youngsters these days. The only job that ever seems available in decent firms is the newfangled post of 'Personal Assistant' - basically the male version of the good old-fashioned secretary. Because while it's no longer socially acceptable for older bosses to use their female employees sexually, nobody seems to give a damn if it's a male personal assistant - more like Personal ASSistant! Starting every day with the Morning Dick-tation of course!
Though they should count themselves lucky not to be down among the ranks of the desperate interns - working months on end for no pay at all, required to submit to the most degrading discipline and punishment, literally sucking up to every boss in the office, clambering over each other to try and be awarded the single paid position. After a year the hundreds of unpaid graduate interns will have been whittled down to a final selection of exceptional candidates (and cocksuckers)... only for the job to go to the boss's son instead! (Not that he will receive any preferential treatment - 'Yes sir, your son is fitting in excellently. CRACK That? Oh that's just a car that backfired CRACK It's done it again sir!')
The bosses are just school bullies all grown up, and having all these desperate boys at their beck and call brings back happy memories of roasting their fags at Repton etc. There's nothing they won't subject their subordinates too, with spanking being the just tip of the iceberg, gay sex being a daily occurrence, and cuckolding and urinal duty expected to be suffered without complaint if the junior staff want to keep their jobs!
Speaking of urinal duty, having dominant men (and ladies) piss in my mouth is certainly a fantasy that has increased in appeal for me over time - and the fantasy of a pretty young man in a crisp white shirt is only accentuated by the thought of that shirt being soaked in uncaught urine (and sweat, and cum...) One imagines how 'urinal duty' developed in this office. The senior staff didn't like getting drips on their crisp white briefs after taking a piss, so an intern was stationed in the executive bathroom and ordered to lick dry every dick that passed through. Before long the bosses were so accustomed to pissing directly into boys' mouths that they consider it an insult to have to use porcelain... that's privilege for you! (And it doesn't bode well for their stepsons when they get home...)

Friday, 27 April 2018

Jonathan art manips: Cruel Cuckolding

Many cuckold fantasies are based around men who enjoy watching their wives having sex with other men. While this is hot, I prefer scenarios where wives are fucking other men behind their husband's back. But what I find even hotter is when husbands don't enjoy being cuckolded, but have no choice to obey their cruel, sadistic wives and allow them to be fucked hard by bigger, more masculine men!

This was originally supposed to be pictures of four completely separate couples, but it ended up showing the same cuckold couple each time. This is because the first manip is actually inspired by my own college girlfriend, whose friends similarly urged her to replace me with a more impressive man. She was also not shy of pointing out men at her college who she wouldn't mind having sex with! I don't know if she ever cuckolded me with one (or more) of them, but given that we were apart for weeks at time, there's a rather good chance! So the rest of this series is kinda what I fantasize the rest of my life would have been like had I stayed with her.
The preppy outfit the husband wears (sweater vest, shirt, tie, tight trousers, shiny shoes, socks with garters, glasses) is what my girlfriend used to dress me in before she thrashed me with her cane or fucked my ass with her big black dildo. It's a great outfit for a submissive male to wear because, unlike a school uniform for instance, you can wear it out in public and so feel like a complete submissive dork as your powerful lady treats herself with your credit card.
Stereotypically it is the male half of couples who is into kinky sex, and has to persuade his female partner to get involved. But there must be many couples with a sadistic wife who takes great pleasure in humiliating her husband and fucking other men, and a husband who doesn't really enjoy being dominated or cuckolded but who is so in love with her and desperate to be with her that he will do anything to satisfy her darkest desires. He may not enjoy being spanked, or fucked with a strapon, or watching his wife with other men, or sucking other men's cocks, or letting them fuck him in the ass for his wife's amusement. But his wife enjoys it, and so he knows he has to do it or else she will leave him. After all, there are clearly plenty of other men she could be with!

Friday, 30 March 2018

Jonathan art manips: Society of Spanking Stepdads

The way to a boy's heart is through his bottom! Stepdads know this and they regularly meet up with other dominant stepdads and their stepsons to swap tips (and boys)...

This is the second time we've visited Paddles R Us, Jonathan's fantasy sex shop which echoes Eric Stanton's Family Business in that you can 'try before you buy'. Wouldn't it be great if there really was a shop like that, and wouldn't it also be great if there really was an entire organisation devoted to helping well-endowed older men awaken the pent-up homosexual desires of submissive little whiteboys like me...
As well as getting spanked and fingered, the idea of the 'Plank' is so erotic to me, and would have been a crucial tool in my (or any stepson's) fantasy sex-slave training. I love the idea of being gagged and bound to a hard wooden plank, my well-beaten ass getting reamed with my stepdad's thick manly cock, and my own cock straining in the air desperate for stimulation, but not getting any as my only release is the endless assgasms as my daddy pounds my prostate. Like all the other boys, I would be one devoted blue-balled and well-buggered stepslave! (and wouldn't the pitter-patter of boy spunk hitting the base of those metal garbage cans just be the most exquisite sound!)
I'd like to talk now about when middle-class boys like me orgasm from having our asses fucked. In a previous relationship, I had a female partner who liked to penetrate my tight asshole with her finger, a buttplug, and - eventually - a 7-inch realistic black rubber cock that she gleefully dubbed 'Bruce'. At first she had me in the classic ass-in-the-air pose, but eventually she realised her reamings were much more effective if I was on my back with my legs in the air, taking her finger or thick rubber cock and moaning like a whore until I came. And I don't mean in the traditional male sense, with her being kind enough to rub my cock until I shot my load with a thick rubber dick in my ass (although there were plenty of times when that happened). I mean when I came entirely from being penetrated, with nothing touching my cock, and no spunking. It was very similar to what (I imagine) a female orgasm is like, with the pleasure coming in waves as my prostate was pounded, and building to a peak. My partner found this very cute and referred to it as my little 'bum cums' or 'assgasms'.
And once the peak was reached, there was no fun-ending ejaculation. My partner just kept fucking my ass and giving me assgasm after assgasm for her own amusement. She would tease me how she knew I had cum because my poor little ass would get all wet and squirt like a pussy (does this mean that contrary to common belief, the ass does lubricate itself for a fucking? That must make things easier for all those skinny whiteboys in prison...)
This all culminated in my partner buying herself a big realistic strapon (bigger than my own cock, though not as big as Bruce) and fucking me hard in the ass with it. This was in the classic pillow-biting ass-in-the-air pose, and preceded by a vigorous spanking and finger-fucking to warm me up. She fucked me like a champ and I was bound and ballgagged throughout - it remains one of my hottest sexual experiences.
It occurs to me that these 'assgasms' are probably the reason that us middle-class whiteboys are so naturally submissive and desperate to receive regular ass fuckings. Cumming like men just doesn't feel right for us, we feel much more natural wriggling on the end of a thick finger, cock or realistic strapon dildo, tickling our prostates until we cum like girls.
Our stepdads would have spotted this early on, seeing how well we responded to our red-hot ass blisterings and having our 'temperatures taken' with their thick daddy fingers. These experienced older men would waste no time in showing us that the key to our sexual satisfaction isn't in our cocks or ballsacks, but in our asses. They soon have us trained up as submissive sex slaves, desperate to please our big manly daddies in return for regular helpings of their hard cocks in our tight asses, giving us the assgasms we craved

Friday, 23 February 2018

Jonathan art manips: Stepdads Take Charge

The absolute dream for most older single guys is to hook up with a moneyed divorcee with an 18-year-old son (or sons). As well as getting to tap some no-doubt-neglected housewife ass and spend her alimony, older gents know that white-middle-class boys are just desperate to have their deepest gay fantasies (and they all have DEEP gay fantasies) explored by a bigger, stronger, older man with the authority that only a stepdad can wield!

Having had a man's finger in my ass after a spanking, I can confidently say that, once you've spanked a boy till his bottom glows and his tight little buttole is puckering like crazy and begging to be penetrated, then if you slip a finger in there OF COURSE he's going to disgrace himself and moan like a whore even if his mother and sisters are present! One can imagine that it isn't too hard to work out what those 'strange sounds' might be, and the girls will be teasing their brother relentlessly (checking their watches - oh isn't it is nearly his bedtime Daddy - knowing full well that for their little brother bedtime means buttfucking!)
Being made to perform a 'blumpkin' is one of my dirtiest fantasies, and though I managed to create it earlier for a prison scene I much prefer it in this domestic setting. Just imagine the humiliation of sucking on an older man's cock while his eye-stingingly smelly shit splashes into the toilet bowl!
I took a lot of inspiration from Betty and her friends for the absolute glee that the boys' female relatives take in their abject pain and humiliation. There's something hot about a spoiled sadistic sister, who loves getting her innocent brothers into trouble so she can watch their humiliating punishment while knowing she will never have to suffer anything so bad herself! And in a house where I could be made to strip naked for spankings and hot gay sex acts on the whim of a dominant older make has been a big fantasy of mine every since I read about Teddy and Dickie being made to remove their clothes for endless whippings, wankings and cocksucking 69ings!
Although obviously I am bisexual, I am outwardly straight. While I get off hugely on fantasies of being spanked, made to suck cock or lick ass, and fucked in my tight little butt, in some ways being subjected to more 'romantic' or 'affectionate' aspects of gay sex would be even more humilating (and exhilarating) for a supposedly straight boy. The toesucking stepson in the third pic is inspired by one of my favorite stories - 'Using my straight neighbor' by Sebastian - about an older gent turning his younger neighbor into his gay sex slave. Here are some of the highlights...
It was afternoon and he was in my flat with his shorts pulled halfway down his thighs. He was over my knee and getting spanked. He had the underwear I’d been wearing the previous day stuffed in his mouth and his hands were tied behind his back...

Two hours later I’d made him strip naked for me. After a while I was able to untie him because he was cooperating and knew that verbal protests would have consequences that his red and tender arse could probably no longer take. He was kneeling before me naked and licking my feet, balls, arse and sucking me off, all the while holding eye contact to show his submission, just as I’d taught him to do...

He was mine now. I knew that and so did he. I explained this to him once more and in no uncertain terms as I sat on my sofa and he knelt before me, naked on the floor, sucking on my big toe obediently, holding my gaze and nodding every now and then as I spoke...

I now viewed him as my unconditional property. I’d fucked him in all possible positions and made him look in the mirrored doors of the wardrobe and watch himself getting fucked by me. The rest of the time I made him hold eye contact. Whenever I had him in the missionary position I made him kiss. This overstepped another line for him, and he protested. But he only protested once, and the spanking that this brought him made sure that he not only regretted it but apologised and asked me to continue fucking him...

Obviously all this is hot hot hot, but I find myself especially turned on by having to maintain loving eye contact while sucking an older man's toes (or his cock!), or being kissed passionately by his bristled mouth with my hands bound behind my back and my legs spread, as his full weight pins me to the bed and he fucks me missionary style in my tight little butthole. I soooooo wish I'd spent my youth enslaved in this sort of relationship with an older man, be it a stepdad, neighbor, landlord or friend of my parents.
And speaking of my youth, like all middle-class whiteboys I often wore my mother's clothes and makeup for my pathetic wanking sessions. I even used to insert dildos in my ass, so if only I had been as lucky as the boys in the last pic and had a big strong stepdad who regularly reamed my sissy fuckholes with his real, rock-hard cock!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Endart manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds 3

As we start a brand new year, horny wives still need hard fucking, big strong bulls still like to take charge, and cuckold husbands still need to know their place, so here are some more manips of cuckolds receiving blistering bare-bottomed humiliation at the hands of the men who are fucking their wives:

The first four of these are inspired by stories by Lisa Rains, which you can find at The relevant stories are 'All Week Long', 'Amen Sister', 'Weekend with Elizabeth and Charlie' and 'Abby's Swingin' Good Time' respectively.
I love the way these stories capture the abject humiliation of being soundly spanked by your wife's bull, and I hope the pictures capture that too! There certainly must be an extra layer of dread for the submissive cuckold whose wife gets off on watching hot gay spanking and sex. While she is out having fun, you are wondering (perhaps as you desperately attempt to clean the house to her impossible standards in your sissy maid uniform) not just if she will get fucked while she's out or bring her lovers home to fuck her in your marriage bed, but whether she will also make you put on a sexy show so she can watch and play with herself as you get your ass spanked by big strong men and have to suck on strange cock, and maybe more! (And perhaps it won't be strange cock - what if she runs in to some of your office colleagues or your old schoolmates while she's out manhunting?!)
The last two manips were inspired by the Christmas and New Year party season. I wonder how many naughty wives were out at parties, dressed to the nines, flirting their way to a sound fucking from a seasonal stud or two (or three!). How many would shamelessly attend parties with their lovers while their submissive husbands waited at home? And how many of those wives would have had husbands who were fully aware of what was going on, but were powerless to stop it? Perhaps the man fucking his wife was the boss, or perhaps he knew that the big strong bull wouldn't hesitate to strip a wimp husband naked and spank him hard in front of everyone!
For a supposedly-straight middle-class husband, having to go across another man's lap and get your bare bottom smacked like a little boy is incredibly embarrassing in itself, but to have it done in front of your wife, her friend, or even a whole audience of partygoers would just be the height of humiliation. And your wife's big strong lover would be all-too-eager to stamp his authority, so he'd spank you mercilessly, first with his hand to show off his strength, then with his belt (perhaps the greatest symbol of male domination), then maybe with your wife's hairbrush or your dad's old paddle? Whatever he uses, it won't be long till you're howling and writhing in agony, beating your little fists against the floor and begging for mercy as you kick your legs, showing off your cute little butthole and slim little penis, demonstrating to your wife and any other spectators exactly why she's taking a properly-endowed man as a lover while you are relegated to foot rubs and fluffing and many other classic cuckold duties!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Jonathan art manips: Cumming Home to a Cuckold Christmas

It happens every Christmas. Middle-class English youths return home from their first term at finishing school to find that their mother has found a new man, their father has been thrown out and there is a new daddy of the house who is all-too-eager to enforce his own unique brand of discipline...

And as if things couldn't get any worse than having a brand new stepdad who takes great delight in blistering your bare butts much much harder than your real Dad did (if he did at all - imagine having a stepdad who spanks after having a dad who didn't!), you also have new stepbrothers to deal with. And of course they're bigger and stronger than you and they like beating your asses as much as their dad does. And because you all have to share a room (and maybe even a bed) you're inevitably going to end up sucking their superior cocks and taking them hard in the ass.
Having tired of her steady but boring (inside the bedroom and out) husband, the boys' mother no doubt took sadistic glee in her former man's humiliation and was just a little too happy to support her lover's new disciplinary regime by taking her boys' pants down for their spankings, and maybe even using her own hairbrush on their bare bottoms to really emphasise that this is now a home that very much believes in spanking! She'll no doubt be getting fucked rough and hard by her new man morning noon and night, and as if that isn't enough she now also has two hard and horny stepsons in her house who will be regularly treating her to vigorous pumpings with their virile young cocks. When they aren't burying them in their stepbrothers' hot tight asses that is!
But before you wring your hands and say 'Oh those poor boys, and on Christmas too!', remember that deep down nothing makes middle-class English boys happier than regular doses of pain and humiliation. We may scream and holler as the leather/rattan/birch scorches untold agonies into our crimson-red behinds. We may whimper as we're made to suck on thick working-class cocks. And we will almost certainly squeal the house down when our tight little sphincters are repeatedly and roughly penetrated, and moan like whores as our rectums are pumped full of working-class cum. But you can tell - by the way we tilt our asses back up towards the cane or cock, and by the way (and despite us being forbidden to touch ourselves) our slender cocks shoot reams of cum as we orgasm intensely from having our prostates pounded - that this is what we really want.
So with that in mind, these two twins are almost certainly about to have their best Christmas ever!