Thursday, 31 August 2017

Jonathan art manips: The Cutest Schoolboy

It's the end of August, which means it's Back to School time! And in my fantasy world where adulthood doesn't start until you're 21, that means swarms of hot young 18-year-old boys are nervously squeezing themselves into hot and stiff school uniforms for their first term at finishing school. And that won't be the only hot, stiff thing that gets squeezed into them :D

This series was inspired by a rather delicious account of British boarding school life I found, which describes students being 'erotically whipped on the bare buttocks and usually buggered by the older boys and masters'. And a certain John Addington Symonds reports his experience as a boy at public school: 'Every boy of good looks had a female name, and was recognized either as a public prostitute or as some bigger fellow's bitch.' Sounds a lot like prison! I'm not sure if Mr Addington Symonds was a buggerer or a buggeree, but he's right that beautiful boys would certainly be an extra-obvious target for undeserved canings and thick, hard cocks!
But of course almost all 18-year-olds must serve as bottom-formers, and therefore get beaten and buggered alongside those poor beautiful boys. Receiving such treatment at the hands of masters and bigger boys (as well as their stepdads and older male neighbors when they get home) will no doubt drive these horny teenagers to the heights of homosexual desire. So it's very harsh indeed that school rules forbid them from relieving these pent up feelings through romantic relationships with the other bottom-formers. No doubt little brothers and younger cousins bear the brunt of the bullied bottom formers' pent-up horniness and frustration in the holidays. Not to mention next year's bottom formers -- because under the traditional British system, in a year's time these bullied bottom-formers will be promoted to bullying top-formers and get to gleefully inflict all the pain and humiliations they've suffered (and more) on the new intake!
Though if it is the case that some 18 year olds get promoted straight into the top form, such as the biggest, most skilled sports jocks (don't they always have it easier in life) then surely there won't be space for all the bottom-formers to be promoted? But that's another story...

Friday, 28 July 2017

Endart manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds 2

Time for more pictures of helpless cuckolds receiving long, hard spankings from their wives' lovers. I've included a few of my favourite scenarios here...

What husband hasn't worried about one or more of his wife's lovers returning to take charge of her once again (and in this case, him as well!) And what self-respecting spanko doesn't enjoy 'traditional' BDSM dungeon scenes replete with PVC and restraints and collars - and cocksucking! Well you didn't expect they'd get away with just spanking did you, especially considering my recent oral fixation :D
Family scenes are a huge turn on for me and it's no doubt due to the pure helplessness of the situation - there's nowhere you can run when it's your dad/brother/uncle/cousin fucking your wife. Stepdads are doubly dominant - first he fucked your dad's wife (and maybe you too depending on how wicked he is) and now he's fucking yours while still spanking you just like when you were a boy!
My love for goths/emos and cuckings that crossthe class divide are well documented. But I thought it was important to show that it isn't just white-collar wage slaves who get spanked and cucked. Posh ladies are well-known for enjoying both the kinkier side of spanking and a thick working-class cock (think Lady Sonia) so why wouldn't they have their mechanics/chauffeurs/groundsmen spank their husbands before giving their tight posh pussies a good seeing to!
The last pic is inspired by one of my favourite erotic stories, where a wife and her friends are treated to the sight of her husband getting spanked (and more) by a much manlier man at a raunchy birthday party. It's by Gwoman111 and you can find it at

Friday, 14 July 2017

Sucking cock in school uniform

Given my recent exhortations that middle-class boys should regularly be spanked and suck the cocks of older men, I was summoned to my master's house to make sure I was practicing what I preach...

Dressed as a traditional British Schoolboy (white shirt, tie, shorts, grey knees socks, shiny shoes) I was bent over a small table in my private tutor's living room and slippered hard over my tight school shorts, then over my tight white briefs, and finally on my bare bottom...


In between each dose of the slipper my tutor had me stand at his knee and informed me that as I hadn't studied my homework (the poem 'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan...' he was going to give me some 'associations' to go with the imagery (domes, foundations, towers and suchlike). He then proceeded to vigorously manhandle my nether regions so that I moaned in humiliation, but my stiff cock in my school shorts revealed that like all middle-class schoolboys I was (not so) secretly enjoying submitting to another man.

After going across his lap for more of the slipper, Sir informed me that he had heard that I had been fraternizing with the rowing team (not willingly of course) and told me he was going to give me a dose of what they would no doubt be doing me. No doubt like many a schoolboy before me, I had to endure being penetrated by my tutor as well as being spanked hard! Following this I was ordered to sit on Sir's knee while he manhandled my erection - I wasn't fooling anyone if I tried to claim I wasn't enjoying such treatment.

Of course no school uniform scene would be complete without the cane, and I got it next on the bare, bent over and over the arm of the sofa.

Sir then announced that we needed a break. Then he ordered me to undo his zip... My break was to consist of me sucking his stiff hard cock with his hand placed firmly on the back of my head! By now I was deep in submissive mode and all too happy to suck on my master's dick, but my sucking didn't spare my bottom further punishment for Sir soon had me back across his lap and thoroughly blistered my behind with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Then he finished off with more of his hand... both on my bottom and on my cock.

Sir had promised I wasn't done sucking cock and so it happened that I was on my knees, sucking cock as he stood before me. I wonder how many other boys have been in the same exact position - on their knees in the same school uniform, sucking their tutor's cock to avoid further strokes of the cane and/or a bad report to their parents...

Well I didn't get anymore strokes of the cane...but I did get a good leathering with the leather belt over the back of the sofa...

This was really more of a treat than a punishment though, as there is something about the belt that lights a fire in all the right places! After this I was finally allowed to get my hands on my own cock, but my humiliations weren't over yet. Sir had been taking photos all through the session and he didn't stop now, snapping me in all kinds of compromising positions as I pleasured myself to orgasm, shooting a creamy white load all over my school shirt and tie. No doubt I'll get another spanking from my Mum for giving her such a disgusting piece of laundry when I get home ;)

As ever you can find the pictures of me getting spanked and sucking cock in school uniform on my profile (MrQBuzz) at

Friday, 30 June 2017

Endart manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds 1

Cuckold husbands getting taken bare-assed over a bigger man's lap and spanked for the entertainment of their cheating wives - it's fair to say that my last series about this topic (based on Jonathan's art) was quite popular, so I thought I'd revisit it using Endart's work...

My main reason for creating manips of Jonathan's work (apart from filling the void caused by his retirement) was to make more use of his sexually explicit artworks. He didn't actually create many artworks featuring full gay sex, and as you can imagine I enjoy them very much!
My motivations for creating Endart manips are similar, but it is quite hard to find something new to do due to the sheer volume of work he has done, which covers almost every straight and lesbian spanking scenario. Coupled with the fact that it is even harder to manipulate his artworks to show actual sex, as apart from a few suggestive poses and blowjob scenes he never actually drew people fucking. So hopefully focusing on M/M scenes, which he never produced, will allow this to be the first of many more manip series featuring his work.
You will notice that many of the scenes here are office scenarios. Endart is very good at drawing dominant bosses, and they are just as at home spanking a wimp cuckold as a sexy secretary. In a world where women are expected to go out to work, and to fuck their bosses when they're there, there's no doubt that there's going to be a lot of cuckolded husbands! But is this any worse than your wife being at home, getting nailed by builders, plumbers and delivery men?
Also the idea of being cuckolded by a former bully, whether from school, the neighborhood or a family member, is a huge turn on for me. Most women get turned on by seeing big guys beat up on little guys, but though a cheating wife would no doubt get wet at a re-enactment of her husband's past beatings, even more arousing for the lady (and humiliating for the cuckold) would be to see him spanked like a little boy. Such a display of male dominance would have even the most loyal wife spreading her legs for the victor!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Endart manips: Cocksucking Camp

Last month we looked at a summer camp where 18-year-old boys are sent to suck cock and learn submissiveness. But in the interests of gender equality, shouldn't there be an equivalent for their female counterparts? Well now there is!

The inspiration for this ladies' cocksucking camp is a bit different from the male version. I read recently that most American wives never suck their husband's cock. In the old days when men rarely went down on their partners this would have been fair enough, but now that modern men are so forthcoming with cunnilingus, surely their wives should be forthcoming with fellatio? And if they aren't, there should be somewhere they can be sent to be trained until they are! And as there are times when a woman needs oral skills outside her marriage, female interns and secretaries should also be able to attend.
There is the question of whether husbands would be willing to send their wives off to suck other men's cocks for an entire summer, but I'd be willing to bet they would be if their little lady came back a commited cocksucker! Though of course there's always the chance that she might become accustomed to servicing multiple (and bigger) cocks, and start cuckolding her hubby the second she gets home. Perhaps a monthly trip to a swingers club will be in order to help keep her cravings in check!
Like last month's manips, this idea of a Cocksucking Camp was also inspired by the classic British Spanking Magazine story 'In the Land of Utopia' (illustrated by Paula Meadows) where 18-year-olds have to perform an interesting form of 'National Service':

Daughters of Lower Class families, once they had reached the age of 18, being first given a period of preliminary training in the Ministry and then assigned to Middle Class homes to fulfil their State-required one year of domestic service...Middle Class girls, while not required to do Maid Service, had to attend special educational establishments between the age of 18 and 20. The regime at these places was notably strict so they, like the Lower Class girls, would get a frequent taste of the cane or strap. All young males of the same age had to do State Service on farms or in factories.

This is all rather unfair, as while the boys and the middle-class girls no doubt suffered extensively from the cane and strap in their institutions, it is of course much worse for the poor working-class girls sent to serve lecherous older middle-class males with no oversight on their behaviour:

In Utopia a maid could be required to have sex with her employer, and many employers did insist on this...Jack Easterby, aroused by the spanking, would have liked to do something else to Susan but he knew that would be overstepping the mark. He was aware that Henry Greenaway didn't have sex with his maids himself and would certainly not sanction anyone else doing it. Still, there was Jack's own maid, Anne, at home...

So again I've made my system much worse for the middle classes - after all, it's those stuck-up middle-class ladies who are more likely to be sent to learn a bit of humility and cocksucking skills by their neglected husbands, and they are also more likely to work as interns or secretaries who are compelled to attend cocksucking camp anyway!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Jonathan art manips: Straight Guys Should Suck Cock

What if 'straight boys should suck cock' wasn't just wishful thinking, but actual government policy? All my fantasies are set in a society where the older generation keep the youngsters and their liberal/progressive ways firmly under control - both socially and sexually - with endless and humiliating discipline. But what if getting birched and buggered at finishing school, stripped and whipped during national service and used and abused during an undeserved brush with the law still wasn't making the young men of the nation submissive enough for the older gents? Why, just pass a law forcing them to suck countless older cocks for months on end of course! That'll teach them to obey their elders!

Under my system, once they leave school middle-class boys wouldn't be allowed to go to college until they've attended two years of finishing school and one year of National Service, and somewhere among that spent a summer at a camp where all they do is get spanked and suck cock. That should make them submissive enough!
Obviously I've made extensive use of Jonathan's classic 'Camp Dad' series here and also finally been able to use his awesome pic showing a cute blonde guy bound to a horse while cowboy studs thrash his helpless ass cheeks with their belts. Horses always seem so dominant and powerful, and the thought of being tied naked over the back of one and feeling its heat and bucking beneath me as my backside is well and truly roasted is just so hot hot hot!
There is also some class warfare going on here as only boys who want to attend university (i.e. the middle classes) have to attend these Cocksucking Summer Camps. That suits the men in power just fine as it is those educated boys who in future will be subordinate to them in their ivory towers. And there's nothing stopping older lower-class males applying to work in the camps - in fact the most popular summer vacation for working-class over-25s would be spending 2 weeks enjoying the oral attentions of stuck-up middle-class brats. And it would add yet another layer of humiliation for the boys to have to suck all those sweaty working-class cocks!
Of course Rule #1 of Cocksucking Summer School was inspired by the house rules from the classic Betty's Diary stories, but the main inspiration for this series, and to be honest my entire fantasy world, comes from classic British Spanking Magazines stories such as 'Video Lessons' where patriarchs and matriarchs are keen to abuse their considerable power, particularly the story 'In the Land of Utopia' where 18 year olds are compelled to perform a year's service before they are allowed to enter the world of work. However, that story's setup is unfairly weighted against the working-class girls, so my story seeks to redress the balance and make things worse for the middle class boys. After all, it really turns me on to see the middle-classes suffer!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Jonathan art manips: Sucking His First Cock

I've decided to create a series of manips to honor my sucking my first cock. In my fantasy world (and probably in the real world too) it's considered that all males should suck a cock (or at least be sucked by another guy) between the ages of 18 and 25, if only to see where they sit on the great sexual totem pole of dominance. Commonly, the older males in the neighborhood will take it upon themselves to give their young neighbors a taste of cock. Spankings are of course always used to put the young men in the right frame of mind - as I know from experience, a roasted bottom makes nominally straight guys much more willing to drop to their knees and suck another man's cock!

Some young men might be lucky enough to still live under the roof of a stepdad and/or in-laws or older stepbrothers. Like uncles who aren't really uncles but friends of your parents, stepdads have all the patriarchal authority needed to dish out blazing red bottom spankings. And because they aren't really related to you, they're free to act on all the dominant and submissive feelings that those spankings are bound to stir up in the pair of you. In other words, once they've roasted your butt they can bust a nut!
Rebellious middle-class types who lack a dominant neighbour or father figure might just find themselves getting their first taste of cock in jail. Parents may find it mortifying but ironically the best thing to 'straighten' out their son is probably spending a weekend in prison performing every gay sex act under the Sun.

And when all else fails the uppity 18 year old can always be packed off to finishing school, where he is guaranteed to get a taste of cock between his regular beatings at the hands of tyrannical teachers and sadistic schoolmates! The trick played by the senior schoolboys in the last pic is particularly cruel. I'd certainly want to get caned first, which despite hurting like hell would no doubt arouse submissive sexual feelings inside me and all the other bottom-formers, so that we'd almost welcome the order to suck on those pink prefect pricks until they came in our mouths. As it is the boys who chose cock must suffer the humiliation of sucking followed by the agony of a bare-bottom thrashing with no respite for the submissive urges this is likely to ignite inside them. Though no doubt the top-formers will visit their dormitories after lights out to help them with that - and that's if the bigger boys don't get another erection from doling out the second thrashings!