Thursday, 14 February 2019

Watching My Husband Go Gay... new erotic ebook

If you're still searching for gifts this Valentines' Day, why not purchase my new ebook for your loved one?

Husbands, your wife is probably one of the many, many women who secretly (or not so secretly) love to read about hot steamy sex between two cute guys.
And wives, sending your husband this as a gift would be the perfect way to reveal to him that you'd love to watch him engage in some steamy guy-on-guy action for your amusement (and arousal)!

Buy it here, exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

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'Watching My Husband Go Gay' is about a dominant wife who loves to spank her cute blonde husband, fuck him with her strapon, and cheat on him with the studs at her office when she feels the need for a 'real man'.
But she wants something more...


After watching her gay friends preying on shy straight boys in high school, Tiffany has always had a thing for hot gay sex, and her ultimate fantasy is to watch her husband Joshua suck another man's cock. But her (supposedly) straight husband isn't so keen, so (with the help of her friend Rachel) Tiffany puts him on a strict no-pussy regime: denying him any kind of orgasm until he agrees to fulfil her fantasy...


It isn't long before poor Joshua gives in... and Tiffany's gay friend Trey is all-too-happy to be the guy who gets his dick sucked!
So Tiffany gets to enjoy the show as her hunky friend puts her husband across his lap and spanks him hard...

...and as a truly sadistic lady, she happily hands over her mother-in-law's old clothes brush to add extra impact as she watches Joshua hollering and thrashing over the bigger man's knee!

Then, with her husband spanked into submission, it's time for the main event...

And once Joshua has sucked a cock, she and Trey might just decide that her hubby should take a nice big dick in his ass as well...

The story continues in 'My Husband and the Bully' and 'Playdate with the Bully', which are also available on Kindle and which I will blog about soon...

Friday, 25 January 2019

Jay Em manips: Well-Spanked Cuckolds

Jay Em is one of my favourite spanking artists. As he is seemingly retired, I thought it would be a nice tribute to add his work to that of other legends like Jonathan, Endart, Vane, Eric Stanton and Nate and create some manips showing his creations in new situations. Specifically, situations where dominant bulls and sadistic wives spank the living daylights out of cuckold husbands' bare little bottoms!

Jay Em's drawings contain such furious energy and his stern characters deliver such blistering spankings that some people have complained that his work can seem a little 'over the top'. Well that isn't a concern when cuckolds are getting spanked... the cheating wives are sure to get a kick from seeing their subby hubbies get their sissy bottoms well and truly scorched and their poor little faces contorted in anguish!

In the third manip, I thought Jay Em's work would be perfect for showing a wife who dominates her  lovers as well as her cuckold husband. I love the idea of a voluptuous domme with a 'harem' of submissive studs who she spanks just as hard as her husband when they displease her! (I'm thinking of Inga from Eric Stanton's story 'Friends of the Family' for starters...)
Not that burly bulls aren't good too of course! I do like the idea of a manly sailor who's 'women in every port' aren't necessarily single! Imagine the dread of hearing your wife's phone jingle and then her gleefully announcing that 'Oooh John's ship is putting into port tomorrow. Better get ready for a fun weekend hubby!'

In 'real life' cuckolding, bulls often seem to be random men wives have met, perhaps out clubbing or through friends and mutual acquaintances (I'm sure many ladies take a delight in setting their married friends up to get fucked by other men!). But I find it sexier in my fantasy world if bulls fill certain roles, making it extra humiliating for the cuckold.

I wonder who would be the cruelest to be cuckolded by...
Your wife's boss and/or co-workers, so that you can only imagine what's happening to her when she's at work or at one of her many staff parties or conferences?
Your boss and/or co-workers, who you still need to go into work and take orders from even though they were spanking you and fucking your wife (and maybe you as well) the night before?
Or perhaps a family member (brother, father, uncle, cousin...) or family friend, who probably bullied you mercilessly growing up and so know just how to humiliate you to get your wife nice and hot!
And then of course there's the working men: plumbers, handymen, milkmen, removal men... You probably think that as a middle-class male, you should be above them on the totem pole. But you know - from the way they throw you around with their big manly strength, and make your wife squeal while you stand in the corner with your hands on your head - that you really aren't!

What are your favourite 'fantasy figures' when it comes to cuckolding? Please let me know in the comments and maybe they will inspire my future manips...

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Jonathan art manips: Christmas Cuckold Family Fun

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you're not feeling too overly 'festive' yet (i.e. drunk)... With all the continuous drinking that goes on around the holidays, it's no wonder that in uptight middle-class suburban houses families start letting their hair (and their trousers) down...

We all know what goes on...tipsy male relatives staggering between rooms with hard cocks...wicked uncles into aunties' rooms (and not the aunties they should be fucking!)....or wicked uncles into naughty nephews' rooms...or muscular stepdads 'tucking in' their grownup (but still very obedient) stepchildren...
Just like being spanked with your father's old belt, there's something deliciously naughty about getting fucked in your old room, and I must say the idea of a boy biting down on his favourite teddy as he gets fucked in the ass is an evocative (and cute) image. The expression 'Biting the pillow' evokes unfortunate whiteboys getting their first taste of hot butt sex in prison, but perhaps we subby boys also need the expression 'Biting the teddy' for when we're getting fucked on our childhood beds!
The second manip was inspired by a suggestion from Ma La that I do a piece featuring a cuckold suffering small penis humiliation at the hands of his friends and wife. It's always nice to hear suggestions for scenarios so if you have any please share them in the comments. It might take me a while but I'll do my best to work them into a series.
Public spankings are always hot. The extra layer of humiliation is really the cherry on top of the cake of pain in those blazing red bottoms. Although I have fulfilled many of my fantasies, I've sadly never been stripped and spanked (and more) in front of a room of jeering spectators :(
One of Jonathan's specialities is smug, grinning male spectators with obvious erections straining in their trousers, just dying to be left alone with the sobbing spankee so they can stick their throbbing dick in between his weeping lips and roasted red ass cheeks. Some of these spectators are particularly sexy and I am quite taken with a boy I rediscovered recently and used in the first manip of this series.
Specifically this chap:

In my imagination the blonde girl in my pic is the spanked boy's sister, and the blonde boy is her boyfriend. She has noticed with interest his prominent erection and is teasingly whispering that perhaps she should have a word with her Daddy and see if he will spank him too when he's a naughty boy. Or perhaps he's the brother and she's the girlfriend, or their blonde colouring means they're both siblings of the spankee, and she is teasing him that it won't be long before he does something to earn a very humiliating (and arousing) spanking in front of them all... I guess maybe I should have continued this manip into a series so this blonde spectator (and his bottom!) could have a starring role of his own...

Friday, 14 December 2018

Kinky Christmas treats from Ian Hamilton

Are you struggling to think of a Christmas present for a partner, friend or family member who is into spanking (or who you think might be...)
Well why not buy them the latest emag of Ian Hamilton's work. I blog a lot about my favourite artists from the past, but Ian Hamilton is still going strong. To buy his work, email him at
His latest collection features 'Jungle Story', an extra treat for people (like me) who enjoy the sight of a big black cock almost as much as a bright red bottom. And there are still plenty of bright red bottoms with Ian Hamilton's trademark pert young ladies getting well and truly spanked by his trademark perverted old men! Including a thieving female getting a rather disproportionate punishment on the end of strap, cane and cock!


Or if you know someone who likes to read naughty ebooks, maybe they'd like my Trained, Tamed and Taken series featuring spoiled blonde brats reluctantly baring their pretty little bottoms for blistering spankings and rough fuckings by big strong men with thick leather belts, and uppity, bi-curious girls getting spanked and sat on by experienced older ladies.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Jonathan art manips: Out On Parole

Prison scenarios are my favourite gay fantasy (alongside school uniform scenes) but my manips on the subject don't tend to be very popular or get many comments. So hopefully this series about a prisoner out on parole (but who still has the attitude of fucking everything to mark his power) will allow my favourite prison elements to be blended with more popular themes such as cuckolding...

If you do enjoy this series then please comment and tell us about your own prison/criminal fantasies, or what you think should happen to all those tight little whiteboys in prison or halfway houses!
As a young teenager I was desperate to be straight (I even avoided Femdom scenes until Eric Stanton forced my hand) but when I stumbled across Jonathan's Birching Prisoner series it was just too hot to resist. Maybe the idea of being 'taken against my will' by bigger boys in prison was an acceptable outlet for my deep-seated bi fantasies (similar to how Catholics and people who have a lot of guilt around sex often use bondage as a way of excusing their sinfulness).
A common theme in porn (and much other fiction) is that 'crime does pay' for career criminals and dons, but not for the innocents caught up along the way. In the same way as it's hot watching someone get a spanking they didn't deserve, it sparks our sadistic streak to watch some skinny whiteboy get thrown in prison with muscular career felons (with all that involves) for some minor misdemeanor, or even for something he didn't do at all!
And this carries on after prison. While the organised criminal goes straight back to robbing, cucking and fucking after his jail sentence, the poor whiteboy in jail for some minor drugs offence finds his prospects crushed, and he's still rotting in a halfway house six months after he was supposed to have paid his debt to society (and still getting bigger men's dicks in his ass!) This happens even when the innocents have nothing to do with crime... the student who just wanted a summer job getting turned into a sissy secretary sex slave for the black mob, the hapless hubby who married the ex-wife of a notrious gangsta and finds himself turned into an ass-eating cuckold, the teen who finds himself getting spanked and sucking cock because his mom is a slut for crooks (and if you don't think those black studs would be interested in banging an older lady, think again...after buttfucking all those skinny whiteboys in prison, they probably want to get their hands on a 'real' woman!)
Not that these closet bi whiteboys don't love every second of course! I'm not sure if the goth boy in the last pic went down the goth/emo route because he was depressed about his sorta-stepdaddy getting sent to jail, but if he did then he's going to be a lot happier now his Black Daddy's big leather belt and thick black cock are back in his life (and ass!)

Friday, 16 November 2018

Love Our Lurkers: scenes you'd like to see

I'm participating in Love Our Lurkers day this year (having last done so in 2014). I have a question I would like to ask all my readers -- so please answer even if you normally comment during the rest of the year :) The question is:

Are there any scenes you'd like to see in my manip series?

I've only done a few manips of Jonathan's, Endart's etc work that were based on other people's suggestions (Christmas in Paris and New Boy at Birchwood spring to mind) and I would be interested to try creating some more.

The suggestions can be your deepest fantasy, something from your actual experiences, a half-remembered scene from some long lost porn... anything at all really!

My manip series have a long lead time so it might be a while before I can post the manips inspired by any suggestions, but I will endeavour to create at least the best ones.

Also, I have had some feedback from commenters that it can be frustrating to post Anonymous comments because of the lengthy verification checks. If you find this to be the case, please email me at the address in my profile so I can look at ways of resolving the issue.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Lily's Lesbian Lessons (Trained, Tamed and Taken III)... my new erotic ebook

My first two ebooks may have been focused on dirty old men having their wicked way with other men's wives and spoiled brats in need of a spanking, but in my third it's the Dirty Old(er) Women who take charge!

Buy my third ebook here, exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

Or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited:

If you like it, please review it and let others know.

Our heroine Lily Vickers from my first two books is back, and her schoolmistress and former piano teacher are going to show her that it isn't just the Daddies who know how to fuck, or to swing a big leather belt!


Lily has spent her youth in close company with other females at boarding school, and like many girls her age she has some confusing feelings about other women that really do need exploring...

...and seeing all the women in her own family getting stripped naked, spanked and fucked probably hasn't helped...

But if you're worried that you might get bored of all the pussy licking, facesitting and red-hot lesbian spanking, don't worry. Lily's old schoolmistress enjoys cock as much as pussy, and is eager to introduce Lily to the delights of cuckolding and multiple lovers - though in the more mutual arenas of dogging and swinging rather than the bare-faced cuckold humiliation that Lily's father is subjected to. And Lily's mother also makes a return, and Lily gets to watch as she is reintroduced to the belt her Daddy used to spank her with when she was naughty... with predictable results!



But in this book I try to fight back a little against the cod philosophy that permeates through so much spanking fiction... including my own! While highlighting the dichotomy of empowered women who want to be spanked is interesting, and exploring the psyche of those of us who desire pain and humiliation can add to the intensity of a story, sometimes you just want to get on with the spanking!

So while Lily spent much of the first two books pondering the psychology of submission, when she tries to articulate her theories to her former teachers they give her extremely short shrift. They already know what they want, and they want it now! And besides, what better way to shut up your sanctimonious, know-it-all former student than by sitting on her face!

This glorious artwork by Paula Meadows inspired one of the scenes in the book, and I hope I've captured a least a little of the eroticism of her work and that of my other favourite artists in my depictions of Lily's adventures: