Friday, 10 July 2020

Cuckold Wedding Breakfast (Jonathan art manips)

It's the time of year when wedding bells are ringing across the land... except not so much this year! But that doesn't mean we can't still appreciate the sight of a spoilt bride being thoroughly fucked. Or a smartly dressed young groom being cuckolded and abused...

The appeal of a not-so-virginal bride being fucked in her wedding dress by someone other than her new husband is well-documented – particularly if that 'someone' happens to be a succession of well-hung black men! I think we can all agree that the traditional saying should be changed to 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something BLACK!' (perhaps the Something Old could be her stepfather-in-law, Something New could be the chauffeur, and Something Borrowed could be her friend's husband...)

But as regular readers of this blog will know all too well, I also have a pretty serious fetish for grooms (as in grooms who marry brides, not grooms who work in stables, although that's another story...)
I particularly like the groom's attire that seemed particularly prevalent in the 1990s and 2000s: pale grey suit; shirt, tie and waistcoat; gleaming shoes, dress socks (preferably with garters), a flower in the buttonhole (no pun intended) and a matching top hat. The guys' butts probably looked amazing in those tight grey trousers. I imagine that, as the groomsmen line up at the front at the start of the ceremony, the ladies present (not to mention the more dominant men) would be eyeing up that selection of choice male butts and planning on having some fun with them...

There is of course the wicked taboo of seeing a young man in such finery being stripped and whipped and shown what married life is really all about!

And no doubt, if a gang of black men should happen upon a newlywed couple (or if the bride wasn't exactly diligent in breaking it off with her black boyfriends) then it goes without saying that the appeal of the groom's attire (as well as the bride's) won't be lost on them – especially those hardened by years in prison fucking helpless whiteboys!

Friday, 26 June 2020

Headmaster for Housewives 11: You Can't Get the Staff These Days (erotic ebook)

Corporal punishment is forbidden in schools... or is it?
What happens when Matron misbehaves? Or lustful librarians need bringing into line? Or slack secretaries crave strict discipline?
These ladies may be married, but that doesn't mean their husbands can give them what they need. They can only get it from the handsome Headmaster and his masterful rod...

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The first story begins in medias res (or should that be in medias rod?) as we are introduced to the Matron of Belmont Ladies' College having her married arse and pussy soundly spanked and fucked by her superior...

The story flashes back to long ago, when the Headmaster was just a humble Classics master, and Matron had just started at the school...

They embarked on a torrid love affair, but to the Headmaster's chagrin he was eventually rejected for a more enticing marriage prospect (a doctor of course)...
So when the young Headmaster catches Matron in a compromising position with two sixth-formers, he is all too happy to take his revenge!

As we all know, Matrons can certainly be dominant figures. This one isn't with her male lovers, but she certainly is with her female ones, having the two willing schoolgirls service her on her examination couch!

The three of them are marched straight to the headmaster's study, where the girls are caned on the spot...

Matron will be caned too of course (it's either that or be fired) – after the girls have gone, and by both past and future headmasters simultaneously!

And afterwards of course, the two dominant gentlemen will take their pleasure with their engaged employee's hot holes...

For the second part, the story flashes forward a few years, where the soon-to-be-retired school librarian is receiving her 'leaving present' in the Headmaster's study. This isn't her official leaving present of the usual cake and flowers etc... but what she really wants...

A sound caning across her experienced arse and a good hard fucking in her mature pussy!

Despite being happily married throughout, the librarian has spent her decades of service being spanked and fucked by the senior staff of the school. And despite her intention to be faithful in retirement, no doubt she will be back for the occasional reunion, unable to resist the stinging siren song of the cane and strap...

Once the librarian has retired, the Headmaster must get to work breaking in her replacement, a haughty Italian beauty named Sophia...

Like most women, Sophia has a secret craving for discipline...

Her fantasies are more than a little influenced by the fearsome belt-whippings she received as a young woman in rural Italy (her background being inspired by the classic spanking and cuckolding story Under the Mediterranean Sun)...

Her husband is English, and one of the teachers at Belmont. But he is unable to cater for his wife's cravings, so Sophia must turn to the Headmaster to receive a much needed dose of leather and rattan!

The Headmaster takes exquisite pleasure in making his naughty new librarian count out the strokes in traditional British schoolgirl fashion, but in her native tongue ('Uno! Grazie Signor...') This is a twist on a wartime theory that female spies could easily be detected by giving them an orgasm during interrogation, as they wouldn't be able to avoid crying out in their mother tongue, no matter how good their German was normally. One imagines there would have been far fewer women attempting to cross through the border posts of occupied Europe had this theory been put into practice! (Or perhaps more...)
Needless to say, once he has given her a sound thrashing just like her Papa used to, the Headmaster takes the opportunity to give Sophia (and himself) a very large orgasm indeed!

Friday, 12 June 2020

Biting the Pillow in Prison (new Ian Hamilton art)

Ian Hamilton has long been one of my favourite artists, and is still going strong creating brand new work on a regular basis. Like most artists, he is game for commissions, but I never realised that he was enthusiastic about creating gay and cuckolding artwork until this year... at which point of course I couldn't resist asking him to illustrate some of my dirtiest fantasies!
And it will come as no surprise to regular readers of my blog that the first thing I asked him to draw was a prison sex scene...

'You'll be biting the pillow in prison' is a phrase I've heard many times over the years, used as shorthand to suggest to a white-collar criminal what he'll be doing while his big burly cellmate buggers him senseless. Like the many other suggestions of what would happen to a nice middle-class boy like me in prison, the phrase always sent a shiver down my spine. But I don't think I've ever see an actual depiction of prison pillow-biting, so I thought it was high time Ian Hamilton added to the small but perfectly formed pantheon of gay prison sex art and showed a pillow-biter 'in the flesh'!

Needless to say I am very happy with the finished piece. It captures so much of what I fantasised about happening to myself in my early twenties... the helpless vulnerability of the submissive guys in the dank surroundings of the cramped cell, particularly the pillow-biter himself... I love the detail of him not only biting the pillow but also pulling the mattress off the bunk, such is the intensity of his fucking! His expression is perfect... so desperate and woeful, but also with a hint of acceptance, as if he's needed a big thick cock in his ass all along and his Prison Daddy is satisfying a deep, long-held desire... only confirmed of course by the way his semi-hard dicklet is rubbing against that conveniently placed bolster!

A word too for the way Ian draws his belts... they look so gorgeously thick and leathery, real Daddy's belts for some real Prison Daddies! The scorching welts on the boys' buttocks suggest how they were used to encourage them to suck cock and take dick, and no doubt also make things a little easier - the penetration of that huge dick is probably a bit less painful among the inferno of the bitchboy's backside! Though if the Prison Daddies managed to stash some belts somewhere, they no doubt managed to hide a bottle of lube in the cell too...

In the second pairing, Ian has captured another of my favourite submissive gay fantasies... to be made to suck a sweaty cock until it is as clean as a whistle! No doubt the other young cellmate is hoping that if he sucks cock well enough then he will be spared an assfucking... but I bet he won't!

The dominant convicts certainly look older and more experienced. No doubt they have a few years on the clock, and it is a real treat for them to have landed such young and nubile cellmates.
Perhaps the unfortunate young prisoners have just arrived, and are being given an immediate introduction to life in prison (notice the guards haven't even got round to making them remove their watches yet... or maybe they and the older cons share my fetish for seeing skinny betas spanked and fucked while wearing dainty, unmanly wristwatches...)

Perhaps there is even an element of  'protection' going on, with the old lags agreeing to take their naive young cellmates under their wing, like in one of my favourite descriptions from a long-defunct gay prison porn site:

They were both new, and the older inmates couldn’t wait to get hold of their precious assholes. Matt and Tom knew they’d have to team up with someone and pay for protection in their own way. Their cellmates gladly agreed to protect them, and very soon their huge balls were slapping up against the guys’ firm asses. Ouch!

Or maybe all the men in the picture are weeks, months or even years into their various sentences, and this is just how the weaker inmates have to spend their evenings! Perhaps they aren't even cellmates, and have been sold to the old lags for a pack of smokes, or given as a reward for some gangland atrocity?

Do the unfortunate young guys even deserve to be in prison? Are they a couple of small-time drugs dealers who attempted to top up their college funds and are now doing hard time?
Or a couple of backpackers who were supposed to be heading off to college, but they got forced to carry a package of drugs into the USA from a less enlightened country (or even had it slipped into their luggage without them noticing) so now they're heading off for a sizable stint in the big house!
Or perhaps they're completely innocent, framed by a corrupt cop or a merciless mafia don?
As usual, my fantasies tend towards them being a couple of unfortunate innocents who through no fault of their own will spend the best years of their lives getting their tight little butts ridden and roasted!

As you can see, Ian Hamilton is capable of illustrating a wide variety of erotic fantasies, so if you are interested in seeing your filthiest dreams come to life I strongly recommend commissioning him via

Friday, 29 May 2020

Headmaster for Housewives 10: Your Time with the Headmaster (erotic ebook)

Have you ever fantasized about submitting to a strong, authoritative man? Do you dream of throwing away your responsibilities and letting yourself be dominated, punished and ruled by the rod? Well, all your wildest fantasies can now come true, at the hands of the Headmaster...

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My latest erotic ebook is written in second person, so it is addressed directly to the reader. This means that, instead of:

Here she was, a respectable married lady in her early forties, getting her bottom tanned like a naughty schoolgirl... and getting wetter than an English summer while she was about it!

We have...

Here you are, a respectable married lady in your early forties, getting your bottom tanned like a naughty schoolgirl and getting wetter than an English summer while you're about it!

Or instead of this:

He peeled her off the desk like a wet silk scarf and pushed her down into one of the big Chesterfield sofas, making her moan gloriously as her blazing bottom sank into the cool red leather and his hands worked furiously at the buttons of her blouse, desperate to get a feel of her aching tits, reminding her of her boyfriend behind the bike sheds.

We have this:

He peels you off the desk like a wet silk scarf and pushes you down into one of the big Chesterfield sofas, making you moan gloriously as your blazing bottom sinks into the cool red leather and his hands work furiously at the buttons of your blouse, desperate to get a feel of your aching tits, reminding you of your boyfriend behind the bike sheds.

I have been always been fascinated by the idea of second-person fiction, and it is rather rare outside 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-type books. It occurred to me that it might be an excellent format for erotica... being told things are happening to you, rather than reading about them happening to someone else...

...or someone telling you how they happened to them.

While writing the stories and reading through them, I found the second-person perspective to be rather intense and something of mindfuck... I'd certainly be interested in what female readers thought of it!

So, will you be the newly married trainee teacher, offering herself in penance for her failings?

Or the bored housewife, visiting the Headmaster to get what her husband can't give her?

Or the smart, successful businesswoman, who has it all, but still wants more?

All your fantasies will come true when you step inside the Headmaster's study!