Thursday, 27 April 2017

Jonathan art manips: Straight Guys Should Suck Cock

What if 'straight boys should suck cock' wasn't just wishful thinking, but actual government policy? All my fantasies are set in a society where the older generation keep the youngsters and their liberal/progressive ways firmly under control - both socially and sexually - with endless and humiliating discipline. But what if getting birched and buggered at finishing school, stripped and whipped during national service and used and abused during an undeserved brush with the law still wasn't making the young men of the nation submissive enough for the older gents? Why, just pass a law forcing them to suck countless older cocks for months on end of course! That'll teach them to obey their elders!

Under my system, once they leave school middle-class boys wouldn't be allowed to go to college until they've attended two years of finishing school and one year of National Service, and somewhere among that spent a summer at a camp where all they do is get spanked and suck cock. That should make them submissive enough!
Obviously I've made extensive use of Jonathan's classic 'Camp Dad' series here and also finally been able to use his awesome pic showing a cute blonde guy bound to a horse while cowboy studs thrash his helpless ass cheeks with their belts. Horses always seem so dominant and powerful, and the thought of being tied naked over the back of one and feeling its heat and bucking beneath me as my backside is well and truly roasted is just so hot hot hot!
There is also some class warfare going on here as only boys who want to attend university (i.e. the middle classes) have to attend these Cocksucking Summer Camps. That suits the men in power just fine as it is those educated boys who in future will be subordinate to them in their ivory towers. And there's nothing stopping older lower-class males applying to work in the camps - in fact the most popular summer vacation for working-class over-25s would be spending 2 weeks enjoying the oral attentions of stuck-up middle-class brats. And it would add yet another layer of humiliation for the boys to have to suck all those sweaty working-class cocks!
A big inspiration for this series, and to be honest my entire fantasy world, comes from classic British Spanking Magazines stories such as 'Video Lessons' where patriarchs and matriarchs are keen to abuse their considerable power, particularly the story 'In the Land of Utopia' where 18 year olds are compelled to perform a year's service before they are allowed to enter the world of work. However, that story's setup is unfairly weighted against the working-class girls, so my story seeks to redress the balance and make things worse for the middle class boys. After all, it really turns me on to see the middle-classes suffer!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Jonathan art manips: Sucking His First Cock

I've decided to create a series of manips to honor my sucking my first cock. In my fantasy world (and probably in the real world too) it's considered that all males should suck a cock (or at least be sucked by another guy) between the ages of 18 and 25, if only to see where they sit on the great sexual totem pole of dominance. Commonly, the older males in the neighborhood will take it upon themselves to give their young neighbors a taste of cock. Spankings are of course always used to put the young men in the right frame of mind - as I know from experience, a roasted bottom makes nominally straight guys much more willing to drop to their knees and suck another man's cock!

Some young men might be lucky enough to still live under the roof of a stepdad and/or in-laws or older stepbrothers. Like uncles who aren't really uncles but friends of your parents, stepdads have all the patriarchal authority needed to dish out blazing red bottom spankings. And because they aren't really related to you, they're free to act on all the dominant and submissive feelings that those spankings are bound to stir up in the pair of you. In other words, once they've roasted your butt they can bust a nut!
Rebellious middle-class types who lack a dominant neighbour or father figure might just find themselves getting their first taste of cock in jail. Parents may find it mortifying but ironically the best thing to 'straighten' out their son is probably spending a weekend in prison performing every gay sex act under the Sun.

And when all else fails the uppity 18 year old can always be packed off to finishing school, where he is guaranteed to get a taste of cock between his regular beatings at the hands of tyrannical teachers and sadistic schoolmates! The trick played by the senior schoolboys in the last pic is particularly cruel. I'd certainly want to get caned first, which despite hurting like hell would no doubt arouse submissive sexual feelings inside me and all the other bottom-formers, so that we'd almost welcome the order to suck on those pink prefect pricks until they came in our mouths. As it is the boys who chose cock must suffer the humiliation of sucking followed by the agony of a bare-bottom thrashing with no respite for the submissive urges this is likely to ignite inside them. Though no doubt the top-formers will visit their dormitories after lights out to help them with that - and that's if the bigger boys don't get another erection from doling out the second thrashings!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Jonathan art manips: Gay Family Fun Days

When you sign up for a gay family fun day, are you and your family in for an old-fashioned good time? Or will you and your male family members participate in sexual activities with other men? In this case... it's both! Ah the wonders of language...

I suppose in a world like I portray in my fantasies, where the spanking of young men and women is not only encouraged but as good as legally required, the one crumb of comfort for twentysomethings who get their butts blistered on a regular basis would be that once they enter their thirties they're likely to get to give out spankings themselves to junior interns and such. In fact the promise of this is probably what keeps the whole system going. And once they're in their forties and their kids turn 18...well that's when the fun really begins!
But there'll always be families where the dominant parent doesn't feel like giving up their role as family patriarch, and, like 'Grandpop' in the first picture, keep on spanking their sons long after their grandkids are also over 18 - so they can spank them as well! So poor old Dad never gets to play family patriarch and he and his sons and his sons' sons can look forward to a lifetime of blazing hot patriarchal butt reddenings. You can just imagine the boys' thoughts on returning home to find their Dad naked over Grandpop's lap - you think once you're older you'll get to blister your own boys' butts while yours gets a break, but then you see your dad stripping down for a trip across your grandfather's lap and you realize 'Oh shit we're one of those families' - where the dads stay dominant and the sons stay spanked!
Of course in the real world we associate family fun days with compulsory, painful-but-not-in-a-good-way 'activity days' at places of work. But in my fantasy world, the activities are painful for some, but quite pleasurable for others. Like a school, or prison, every office has a hierarchy of sexual dominance, and if your Dad is the office bitch then you can bet you will be too!
Perhaps the family in this series shows what happens in such as sadistic world to 'enlightened' families who don't buy in to the whole 'spanking is good' philosophy. Dominants can smell submissiveness, and there's nobody more dominant than Turkish prison guards!
But in my world, what happens in the last pic is a rite of passage for every white, middle-class guy. Because if you get taken to jail, even for a minor traffic offence, you'll spend the evening as a sex slave to a sadistic criminal cocksmith. In this world everyone is scared of the police, and most guys have sucked a cock to stay out of the cells, because they all know someone who spent a weekend getting filled with convict cock! So suck that thick cock cop for all you're worth and pray to god that he lets you go on your way - and if it's any consolation know that your dad, uncles, brothers, cousins and buddies will all have to do exactly the same thing!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Eric Stanton manips: Christmas in Paris 2

It's time to return to Paris with Julie Delmar from Strict Julie Spanks, where having schooled her daughter in the art of bringing her man to heel, it's time for Julie to reveal why she is the way she is...

I'm not normally a fan of role-reversed intergenerational where younger dommes punish their elders - I just find the idea of a secretary spanking her boss to be weird, likewise a college-age guy spanking his stepmother. I prefer the traditional scenes where the elders take charge, and the youngsters have to respect them, or else! However I have to say that matriarchal femdom scenes are the exception to this rule - perhaps it's because Eric Stanton's Family series had left such an indelible impression on my psyche, but I find the idea of the younger women in a family dominating their elder male relatives as well as their husbands and brothers to be hot hot hot!
It's amazing how easily the ladies in Julie's world fit into the templates created by Stanton in his Family stories. I'm sure Julie and her mother would find they had a lot in common with Lorraine when it came to having their husbands howling in pain, and Jennifer and Dolly would be ultra-competitive in how hard each of them could punish Teddy, Brian and all the other men in their lives! Perhaps Julie should open a sex shop in Canada just like Lorraine's!
A matriarchal femdom family would just be the best. You'd have the oldest matriarch, 'Grandma', who would rule the family and spend her extensive free time in retirement sticking her nose into her relatives' businesses and wielding her dreaded hairbrush wherever she felt it was needed. The males in the family would go weak at the knees simply at the sound of her voice! Then beneath her in the hierarchy would come her daughters and daughters-in-law, who as well as subjecting their husbands to regular punishment spankings would also keep things red hot in the bedroom to...well...keep things red hot in the bedroom. Then on the next level, the young granddaughters would just be starting to explore the sexuality of spanking with their submissive boyfriends and new husbands. And of course there would be plenty of aunts and great-aunts specialising in various forms of humiliating punishment, who naughty boys could be sent to when they need a change of scene and spanker!
Family gatherings such as holidays and weddings would be the ideal place for the older matriarchs to pass on their femdom knowledge to their daughters and nieces, from handing down the family hairbrush to advising on the proper way to use a cane. Every female in the family would be intimately acquainted with every male bottom in the family and how to subject them to agonisingly blistering punishment!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Eric Stanton manips: Christmas in Paris 1

Earlier in the year, while struggling for inspiration for a new manip series, I contacted Julie Delmar of the excellent Strict Julie Spanks blog to ask if she had any ideas that I could use. Sure enough, she asked me if I could create a series based on one of her posts about a husband getting humiliated on the Paris metro, and combine it with her love of daddy/daughter femdomination. This was an obvious candidate for my second series based on Eric Stanton's artwork, so gather round for a Christmassy story of Julie's trip to Paris with her husband, daughter and future son-in-law...

The conclusion will follow in the New Year!
Although Julie has recently started experimenting with her bisexual, submissive side (much to her readers' delight) she would still make an excellent candidate for a femdom matriarch where her whole family is one big Female Led Relationship, just like Lorraine in Stanton's Family series.
Many submissive married men find their wives don't want to spank them hard enough in case they hurt them. Julie's husband doesn't have that problem. She often writes about how she loves to push his limits when she spanks/straps/canes him, and loves to hear him squeal and plead and watch him writhe in agony. No doubt she would enjoy making a naughty nephew suffer similarly if he were sent to her.
Julie certainly isn't embarrassed about her lifestyle, putting her husband through many many public humiliations, so I'm sure she'd happily show her sister how to use a cane when her brother-in-law misbehaves, or show her neighbor how a good dose of sissification can make even the most boisterous boys less... boisterous.
Julie is the proud owner of several strapons that from the sound of it are considerably larger than her husband's dick. Having been penetrated by a strapon cock larger than my own, I can say it is possibly the most submissive thing a male can experience that doesn't involve another man (and from the sounds of it Julie would quite like to try that as well!) Perhaps that would be something else for all the Delmars to try under the mistletoe?

So Julie certainly seems qualified to led her mother, aunts, sisters, nieces, neighbors and friends into a glorious era of matriarch-dominated households. Christmas Day would certainly be interesting in such a society. Merry Whipmas One and All indeed!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Spanked until I suck cock

Well, it happened. The thing that I've been imagining happening to me since I was a teenager - I sucked another guy's cock.

When Guy Roper found out I had always fantasized about having a wicked uncle, he was very eager to play the role, and also for me to dress in sports kit - white T-shirt, short shorts, white briefs, training shoes and white socks pulled up nice and high like a good boy.
But being a good boy wasn't going to stop my wicked uncle having his way with me. He made me stand against the wall with his hands on my head while he groped me all over. Then it was time for punishment.
I went across uncle's knee for a taste of his hand and his slipper across my shorts, and of course soon those were taken down and I was draped over his knee with my briefs pulled up my ass crack while he spanked my bare cheeks.

If this wasn't getting me submissive enough, I was then ordered to sit on Uncle Guy's lap while he played with my erect penis!

Before I got to excited he pulled my briefs off completely and gave me a dose of two of his new toys - one wooden hairbrush and one plastic one. Boy did they sting! And to add to my pain and humiliation my butthole was continuously getting fingered and my cock and balls getting groped by wicked Uncle Guy!

But even the brushes didn't sting as much as the belt. I was ordered to bend over the bed with my bottom thrust up as uncle's belt went crack crack crack across my bare cheeks!


My ass was blazing red (just check out the picture on Spankthishookups) and I was feeling utterly submissive, and Guy took full advantage, having me put my hand in his pocket to feel his bare and very much erect cock! I had no choice but to obey when Sir unbuttoned his flies and ordered me to get down on my knees....

I opened wide and took his hard member in my mouth, bobbing my head back and forth. It really felt like the ultimate submissive act, especially when Sir decided to apply a thin cane to my buttocks as I sucked away.

After I had fully been put in my place I was put back on uncle's knee and ordered to wank myself to orgasm, which didn't take long at all as I was soon shooting white cum all over myself like a naughty little cocksucker!