Friday, 12 July 2019

Headmaster for Housewives 1 (erotic ebook)

From punished parents to submissive secretaries, unsatisfied wives to saucy schoolmarms – sophisticated ladies are queuing up for a taste of the Headmaster's long hard stick...

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My latest ebook series is my attempt to imitate the classic British spanking magazines like Janus and Februs, which have provided me with so much titillation and inspiration with their sizzling stories and red-hot illustrations...

It is also an attempt to update the schoolgirl corporal punishment genre for the modern age. After all, it is over 30 years since corporal punishment was abolished in British state schools, and over 20 since it was banned in private schools...

So the book opens with the Headmaster of Belmont Ladies' College interviewing the parents of a prospective pupil. The mother, Angela Duncan, is a glamorous English entrepreneuress utterly sick of her overweight, balding husband. Like so many married ladies before her, her eye is caught by the 'decorative' cane hanging behind the Headmaster's desk. All too aware of the allure of the rod for middle-class English ladies, the Headmaster invites her back for a one-to-one session, and she inevitably ends up across his big walnut desk getting spanked, caned and fucked!


For this first book, I drew on rather a lot of my favourite spanking texts for inspiration.
The story The Punishment Book is mainly about a retiring Headmaster reminiscing about all the canings he meted out over the years...

But it also features his secretary, one of his former pupils, who discovered a taste for corporal punishment while she was his student, and happily still experiences it now she is his employee.

The school secretary in Headmaster for Housewives, Melissa, is based on this naughty young lady. After spending her teenage years deliberately flouting the school rules in order to satisfy her craving for the cane, she returns as school secretary, and even though she is married, she and the Headmaster engage in plenty of extramarital spanking, sex and roleplay fun after hours.


Melissa's favourite roleplay, which in-story is based on something that actually happened to the Head Girl while she was at Belmont, is based on a snippet of text I discovered on a spanking pay site long ago:

In British schools, the correctness of the uniform is all important. These two girls are waiting to see matron. Both are in serious trouble and will be receiving the spanking of their lives followed by a public caning in front of the whole school.

You will note that they are both wearing the correct white knee socks, white school shirts and navy school knickers but the shade of blue on their striped ties is different. The darker blue is only worn by the Head girl and senior prefects.
In this instance you are looking at the Head girl. There will be no favours for her; she and the other girl were caught talking in the school dinner queue. Matron will do two things now: examine these schoolgirls bottoms prior to receiving corporal punishment then confiscate the prefect's tie and give the girl a common school tie - yes spanked, caned and demoted all in one afternoon. This really is the place to see humiliation.

I've always loved this little story, and have kept it long after the original site has disappeared into the internet ether. It's not just the utterly-disproportionate and public corporal punishment, but also the demotion of the Head Girl – signaled by the change in school tie, that most erotic of appendages – that is deliciously humiliating.



Once the Headmaster has had his fun with Melissa, he has an appointment with Jill and Amanda, another pair of married former Belmont pupils, who always had a crush on the Headmaster when he was spanking their teenage bottoms...

And whose regular spankings, slipperings and canings at their strict boarding school have given them both a taste for discipline!


Despite being married (to sweet, sensitive men who just can't grasp their need to be punished), they like nothing more than squeezing into their old school uniforms and re-enacting their bottom-sizzling schooldays with the handsome Headmaster...

Followed by some absolutely filthy threeway fucking of course!

Although the story took rather a detour in the end, I originally envisioned Jill and Amanda as being based on Carol and Emma, two other extremely naughty wives whose adventures are detailed in this blurb from an old spanking video, which I have always enjoyed:

James, an English teacher, is visited weekly by secretaries Carol and Emma, wishing to improve their spelling and punctuation skills. They are both married and although James is much older, are all close friends. Their husbands, Peter and Mark, work for the same company and are away a lot on business. Whilst husbands are away, Carol and Emma have begun making trips to London...
Co-incidentally, James was in London for a conference at the same time that the girls were there on a shopping spree and actually stayed in the same hotel as them, though they weren't aware of this. He tells them he saw them with two guys at the bar, arms around each other, one touching Emma's bottom, and all going up in the lift together. The girls don't deny this, thinking that James will be broad-minded about it. James reacts angrily and threatens to tell their husbands everything; unless they conform to his wishes.
The girls are horrified at his reaction, realising they should not have told him. They tell James they will do anything he requires to keep their affairs a secret. Could they perhaps do for James what they did for the guys in the hotel? - but James has already made his own plans about how he intends to deal with them.
He sends them upstairs to get changed from their elegant dresses to school uniforms that he has laid out for them. As they get changed, they joke about how kinky James is to make them dress up like this for him, they giggle and admire each other, little suspecting what is in store. On coming back downstairs, the girls are playful and give James the come-on, but to their surprise, he makes it clear that he is not interested in their sexual favours. They are confused by this. Then he draws back a curtain in the lounge revealing a mock-up schoolroom, complete with desks. The girls are bewildered. He orders them to take their books and go to their desks, where he then embarks on a traditional school lesson, complete with corporal punishment.
When the girls fail to take down a dictation quickly enough on the subject of adultery, they are given a hard over-the knee spanking. When they fail to spell other pertinent words relating to their indiscretion, they both receive the leather paddle, kneeling up on a chair. When they fail to adequately explain the meaning of the words 'adultery' and 'promiscuous', they are severely caned.   After the punishment, the girls are sent back to the bedroom to change, but it is not over yet! James is still not sure whether he will inform their husbands of their actions.
The girls plead with him. He eventually agrees, but decides that if the girls are going to cuckold their husbands it may as well be with someone who knows how to deal with them. He doesn’t let them leave until they have both given him a blowjob and not until they have each received yet another 8 strokes of the cane, after which, he says goodnight, handing them their school uniforms, he tells them to wash and iron them-making sure they bring them back next week.

I never actually saw this film, just saw the promotional photos and read the summary. I don't even know the title, as I never made a note of it.
But what a situation! All those years ago, this was probably one of the moments that turned me on to cuckolding as well as spanking.
I recognise the ladies in the film as appearing in many other old British spanking films, which as far as I know rarely included sex, so it would have been nice to have seen them giving out blowjobs!

The scenes in my book don't mimic the description of the film exactly, but there are a few moments – such as the joking around while putting on school uniforms, and the authentic school lesson complete with spelling tests of adultery-related words – that are definitely in there!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Jonathan art manips: Summer Job Season

At this time of year, the long university holidays have only just started. Hordes of twenty-something students are dispatched home, and while in the future they may end up being high earners and high achievers, now they have to sweat it out in demeaning jobs to allow them to earn a measly wage and learn the value of real work (or so their parents say). Which means there's plenty of nubile young men and women for lecherous, unscrupulous business owners to take advantage of...

Did you have a erotic and/or humiliation experience as a naive young employee (or did you fantasize about one)? Are you perhaps a sadistic boss who likes to dream about preying on his or her younger wage-slaves? Let us know in the comments!

I wanted to add a more 'romantic' twist to the cuckolding in these manips. While it is undoubtedly full-on hardcore bisexual BDSM action, the little twist at the end that the young couple lived 'happily ever after' (sort of) hopefully suggests the girl is a bit less cruel and the boy a bit more willing than in some of my other cuckolding couples.
I imagine the sadistic guys running the cafe would find them unbearably cute, with the girl continuing to lovingly tease the boy even when he is over their laps. There is certainly something about being naked apart from a hat, apron and shoes that makes a guy look submissive! I can just imagine her saying:
'Aww your cute little hat!'
'(Giggle) His little willy is so stiff, I think you should spank him harder!'

Perhaps after they graduated, the couple did end up in a full-on cuckolding relationship with lots of bisexuality and humiliation. But just for once I like to think that, as the last line says, they went on to be an (outwardly) 'normal' couple – albeit one with a lot of secrets in their past!

Of course their sex life would remain extremely kinky, and I imagine the wife would rather enjoy teasing her hubby during foreplay about how he used to 'get spanked by those two perverts we worked for' and how those big rough bikers 'choked him with their belts and stuck their big dicks in his cute little tush!' But outwardly they would be a nice suburban couple (except perhaps to a few of their friends who like to meet up for some good old-fashioned suburban swinging and wife-swapping...)

I am also rather taken with the idea of a biker gang who torment the youths of a local town. Rampaging around, snatching teenage couples from lovers lane and having their wicked way with them (both the boys and the girls...).
I suppose it could form the basis of a future manip series... or I could just post some pics relating to it right now!

Here are some rather spectacularly dominant bikers having their way with unfortunate local boys. It's a gorgeous composition - I definitely fantasize about being the guy who's tied up and taking two cocks at once!

I came across this artwork in my teenage years, and it made quite an impression. I imagine this is a biker gang rolling through quiet suburban towns, and the blindfolded boy is an unfortunate (or fortunate?) local teen who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place...?) I always imagined he can hear his mother calling him to stop playing with his friends and come in for dinner!

I imagine this blonde girl's boyfriend is tied to a tree and about to have to watch her sucking enthusiastically on that big pierced dick!

But it could be a lot worse, as this boyfriend (and his tongue...) is finding out!

Thanks to the biker gang, this lady's romantic walk in the woods is going to be even more 'romantic' than she ever could have imagined! But where is her fiance...

He's been taken as a gift for the cruelest of the bikers, and he's about to experience the deflowering of a bride rather sooner than he expected ;D

Friday, 14 June 2019

An American Billionaire in London (Trained, Tamed and Taken IV)... new erotic ebook

My next ebook is another 'thematic' sequel. Rather than following on from the events of Lily's Lesbian Lessons, it features one of of Lily's old school friends, Harriet, and her encounters with Ichabod 'Bod' Roskilde, her gorgeous, arrogant American billionaire boss (with plenty of promise for them all meeting up in any sequels...)
Harriet soon discovers that Bod has quite a talent for seducing naughty British ladies and satisfying their kinkiest BDSM desires...

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Along with Lily, Harriet also went on an end-of-school trip to Cuba, but unlike her friends Melody (who entertained several jocks at once) and Lily (who lost her virginity to a gorgeous Cuban barman and returned home to enter into a world of filthy S&M fantasies with her childhood sweetheart, his father, her mother and her sister) Harriet's experience is rather duller (and perhaps more realistic).
She met a nice boy on holiday with his parents, returned home and married him.
Now she is just another overworked, unsatisfied young suburban wife. Like most English ladies, she longs to be tied up and dominated, but her husband is unable to do the job.

She is reduced to fantasizing about decadent trysts with her father-in-law and brother-in-law...

...and making the daily slog into London where she can lust over her gorgeous American boss from afar...

But her life gets turned upside down when she walks into Bod's office and finds him receiving a blowjob from Paula, her older, far more experienced manager.


He may be a ruthless, ultra-driven businessman, but Bod still has a taste for the ladies - particularly submissive British ladies! Not wanting to get tied down, he keeps a 'harem' of seven gorgeous English roses (usually married to keep things simple). One for each night of the week!

Paula is one of those ladies. And as she explains to Harriet, her husband is very much aware, and not exactly against the idea:

'You have to remember that we’re older than you, we don’t have such an idealised view of monogamy. We’ve tried swinging, we’ve tried dogging… this is just an extra little kink to our sex life...And you’d be surprised how turned-on men get by the thought of their wives with other guys. I mean, they love porn don’t they, and I guess it’s just like porn starring someone you love. Especially when you bring photos and videos home and let them fuck your brains out while you watch them!...Besides, the thing about sex with Bod is, it’s so good that you just want more, as soon as possible. But you can only be with him once a week, so guess who has to pick up the slack? Your husband! Believe me, when my night with Bod comes back around, Chris is glad to get a night off!’


Bod would like Harriet to become one of his 'Chosen Seven'...
Harriet doesn't think her own husband will be as accommodating as Paula's, but that doesn't stop her agreeing to be taken out for the evening to be wined and dined, and then taken back to Bod's luxurious penthouse to get her first experience of his spectacular sex dungeon...

With plenty of experience satisfying well-brought-up English ladies, Bod knows exactly what Harriet wants to start with... a jolly good spanking!


Harriet has never been spanked before, but like her fellow British ladies she soon discovers the delights of a well-smacked bottom!

With her cute tush nicely toasted, Harriet is like putty in Bod's hands... He strips her, ties her up and then teases her with the idea that he might cane her...

'Bod drank in the fear of the helpless young housewife trembling before him. He found that the cane always had this effect on English girls. Of course, the Englishwomen he spanked and fucked were almost always too young to have been caned at school, or even smacked at home, but there was just something about corporal punishment that lit a fire inside British ladies. The cane terrified them, but they longed for it, like daughters secretly long for a strict father's firm hand. Their grandmothers and great-grandmothers had certainly had it, and those stinging rattan strokes had been imprinted on the buttocks and psyches of generations of schoolgirls – as if British bottoms themselves carried the memory of the cane.'

Though as it's Harriet's first time, he doesn't cane her. But he does whip her all over...

...and then fuck her manfully in her mouth and pussy on his glorious bondage bed...

Of course, Harriet's pert English arse is soon aching for a taste of that cane. So she consents to being one of the Chosen Seven, and finds herself back in Bod's penthouse, where she allows him to cane her on the balcony (and spank her in front of his chauffeur).


Wanting to give her a taste of discipline from his own country, Bod treats Harriet to a severe bondage session (think ballgags and hogtying) before paddling her soundly...

...and then fucking her manfully once again!

I find it quite fun (and arousing) playing around with the American/British stereotypes.
Demure English ladies are perfect for submissive roles...

...and their wimpy, overly polite husbands make excellent cuckolds...


...and a brash American billionaire is an obvious fit for a dominant male role.

This dynamic certainly gives me a kick as I imagine watching a big macho American having his way with my wife!
But there are many other ways to interpret it. You only have to watch spanking porn to know there are plenty of submissive American men and women, and plenty of dominant Brits! In fact, the British dominatrix is possibly the most prevalent BDSM character seen in mainstream media.

I hope to play around with this concept more in the future, so perhaps 'An English Gentleman in New York' might be on the cards...