Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jonathan art manips: Tennis Academy

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is in full swing, reminding us all how spankable and fuckable tennis players are. I love the thought of a young male tennis player stripped naked apart from his white tennis shoes and socks (and cute little headband and sweatbands on his wrists), over his dad's or coach's knee.
Parents of tennis players have quite the reputation as disciplinarians, and the players themselves have quite a reputation as brats, so no doubt this last week the changing rooms in London echoed with the cracks of leather belts on bare buttocks as the losing players felt their dads' wrath.
This devotion to discipline inspired me to create a series featuring a strict tennis academy where male players are sent to be literally whipped into shape:

Of course it's all just a racket (pun very much intended!) to satisfy the owner's taste for beating and buggering taught athletic bottoms. Since tennis is the most middle class of sports the trainees would be eager to find out what another man's cock feels like inside them, whether it's an older trainer's experienced schlong or the big swarthy dicks of the hunky locals, who love to serve up these well-bred city boys with a regular dose of Spanish sausage!
Oh, and can I just say what an absolutely gorgeous ass on the guy in the first pic. Surely one of Jonathan's masterpieces. I'm sure big burly daddy-types would just spank it and spank it and spank it!