Friday, 17 April 2015

Sardax uniform spanking special

Sardax's mastery of the feminine form coupled with his British roots means he has produced some of the most exquisite outfits ever seen in spanking art. These ladies came dressed to spank, and boy are they going to!
Where Sardax truly excels is in the drawing of school uniforms on dominant women.

Of course, school uniforms are usually worn by women getting spanked.

But for beta males like me, they have an alternative association. Those tight sweaters, shirts and ties, pleated skirts and knee socks/stockings were worn by the teenage temptresses we lusted after, who could have us running errands at the flutter of an eyelid, who giggled as the bullies beat us and who never EVER even gave a thought to doing anything to alleviate our bulging blue balls.

These women know the power they have, and if they have power to strip and spank, you bet they're going to use it, be they perverted prefects at a posh finishing school...



Toned college cheerleaders...

Or just regular ladies who want to see how much humiliation a devoted beta male can take:

Despite this, your mother will inevitably decide that you weren't spanked enough at finishing school and will pack you off for a year of military service, where female drill sergeants will teach you the real meaning of pain and servitude!


And if you really are suffering, you'd better not mention it, for few ladies are as merciless and perverted as matrons and nurses. Their tight uniforms and long legs are just there to tease you as they subject you to needless intimate examinations and underserved scorching spankings. You'll wish you'd never mentioned your tight foreskin!


Your suffering won't end once you finally enter the workplace, for you're bound to end up working for a strict office matriarch, and the young female interns will do everything in their power to get you into trouble...

When a woman finally permits you to marry her, you'll soon find out that you will be required to love, honour and most of all obey, and this will be enforced from the very start. In Sardax's world, the white of the bridal gown is there to provide a nice contrast to the groom's inevitably red tush!


Like schoolgirls, maids are usually the ones getting spankings. But in Sardax's world, they get to dish out the discipline alongside or in place of the lady of the house...

And after all this spanking you'd better hope your attitude is subservient enough for your wife/mother/boss. Because if it isn't, you can bet they'll pack you off to one of the many, many institutions Sardax has created. Be they prisons, borstals or training centres for errant husbands, only Lady Carole comes close to Sardax in drawing this kind of dominant woman. With their tight shirts, tighter skirts and killer heels, they clearly know how to break a man...


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