Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Spanking a naughty housewife

I met up with Sassie Cassie once again for a session of spanking and roleplay. She dressed in a very fetching 'naughty housewife' outfit that was the sort of thing a well-to-do lady might wear while misbehaving at Ascot.

Nice Interrogation Detective

I took her across my lap, lowered her panties (which she forget to take with her at the end) and gave her a nice firm warmup spanking.

Once her delectable bottom was suitably warm she bent over the table to begin a roleplay I'd always wanted to do with my ex but never got round to.

She played a housewife whose husband was fed up of her behaviour, and I played a leather-goods salesman who had been asked to provide some implements to tame her. Unfortunately her hard-working hubby had been delayed at the office so I would have to demonstrate them in his absence.

Persuasive Salesman

I laid out our implements and one by one they were 'tested out'. Throughout Cassie played the housewife to perfection, lamenting that the reason she was so naughty was that her husband left her alone all day. And her squeals and yelps as she experienced the implements were extremely enjoyable for the sadist in me :D
I'd planned to give her a stroke for each year her character had been married but when I asked she said it was 1 year. So I made it a stroke for each month...
First came the hand-shaped paddle, fairly lightweight and suitable for minor indiscretions like not leaving the toilet seat up, Then a nice big spatula, for when hubby got home and didn't find his dinner on the table.
I went to get a drink and caught her standing up without permission - so from then on she got 13 strokes with each implement. I needed more room to swing so the naughty wife was bent over a dining chair for a taste of the double-sided paddle (one side leather, one side fur) which looked innocuous but required a lot of wrist action to get a satisfying whack and so really made her howl.
I still didnt have enough room so she knelt on my red leather chair (which matched her toasty bottom nicely) for a baker's dozen with the riding crop.

She actually enjoyed this a little too much, so we decided it was more a 'marital aid' than a punishment tool.
The implement to use when she'd been really naughty (being overfriendly with tradesmen perhaps?) would be my slipper paddle. She has prior experience of this, but it didn't make it any easier for her.

Flirt Penalty

We decided afterwards that such paddles should be given out free at wedding ceremonies to encourage spousal obedience.

That just left the wooden spoons and belts, so I had her over my lap and over the bed to test them all out, then she got 13 extra with her 'favourite'.

Her bottom was an absolutely gorgeous shade of red by the finish - check out the photos on my fetlife:
Having learnt from Danielle, I then kindly applied some lotion to Cassie's stinging posterior (which made her globes glisten nicely). I may have snuck a few extra spanks in too, but then who wouldn't?

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