Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sir spanks his serving boy (i.e. me!)

Having gone far too long since reporting for punishment, Sir ordered me back to his punishment room. I was dressed in my 'naughty nephew' outfit of glasses, shirt, tie, sleeveless sweater, briefs, black shoes and (to Sir's consternation) Argyle socks with suspenders. I have a real thing for sock suspenders, but Sir was not impressed and ordered my across a stool for my caning -- 13 strokes for failing to recruit a playmate from spankthishookups despite many attempts - thanks a lot guys :(

Sir was certainly on good scolding form and my various layers were unwrapped like a Christmas present as he alternated between scolding, stripping me of my trousers and then briefs, spanking my arse and cornertime.

As usual my prominent erection gave him plenty of ammunition for a humiliating telling off!

I've always loved dressing as a kinky g-string waiter and Sir was most amused as he ordered me to show him the outfit. After that I got a lesson in the perils of blogging. Sir had read about my London Tanners Grandma's Slipper Paddle I'd used on Cassie and ordered me to bring it along.

I found myself having both a fantasy and nightmare fulfilled, as I was put over his lap in the wheelbarrow position and subjected to rapid fire burning whacks with the agonizing paddle!

Sir took a few photos for my Fetlife profile ( and then I was sent to change yet again (complete with my usual sneaky look at my glowing bottom in the mirror).

I'd always fancied playing a slaveboy, complete with dog leash and spiked collar.

However Sir gave me a lesson in the realities of the role as I was put to work in the kitchen, washing up and cleaning the floor while Sir whipped me with a cane. Then I was ordered outside in the freezing cold and bent over the garden bench for my first ever outdoor punishment, with Sir promising that there would be plenty more in future!

Then the dreaded slipper paddle was brought by out and I was spanked up the stairs (a whack on both cheeks for each step) just like I'd done to Cassie two weeks before!

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