Thursday, 5 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.5 Douggie tastes dick

Dear Diary, Saturday was every bit as glorious as the night before. Sadly, the moms decided that we should rotate the husbands' punishments between us, so I lost my position as chief whupper of Ray's fabulous butt. But I didn't want to argue with the moms and risk ending up as a naked brat slave myself!
Before breakfast, we reawakened the fires in our husbands' behinds, leaving all of them sobbing loudly. I drew Charlie and really took out my frustration at losing Ray with a big ebony hairbrush on his runty backside! Rachel also picked a brush for Douggie's first spanking by a woman other than his wife or mom. Lisa and Susie both  delivered a vicious tawsing to little-dicked little brothers Dickie and Justin, while Marcie gave her cousin-in-law Kenny a good scourging with a cat 'o nines. Sisters-n-law Kathy and Nancy both took a strap to best buds Ryan and Brandon. Taylor was the lucky gal who drew Ray and had plenty of time to compare him with her tiny-dicked husband while she hairbrushed him, while her cousin Jackie was the first of us to pick a riding crop and she really made my husband Teddy howl as she laid it hard across his ass.
While we were spanking two more visitors turned up: Kathy's gay uncle Jeff and his Latino toyboy Pablo. They sure looked like the cats who had got the cream when they clapped eyes on all the young naked males getting beaten.
After the spanking we invited Jeff and Pablo to introduce themselves to our husbands and 'shake' with them in the same way us wives had to Kenny the day before. The two gay men sure looked happy as they manhandled our husbands' dicks and balls. Pablo in particular was grinning from ear to ear. Jeff looked about the same age as the other dads but Pablo was definitely a lot younger than him, maybe five or so years older than Ray.
We ordered our husbands to get hard (although a lot of them were heading that way anyway thanks to Jeff and Pablo!), and it sure was fun watching them stoke their dicks with one hand while eating breakfast with the other.
But the real fun started after breakfast.  We wives decided that it wasn't fair that Douggie had missed out on the treat of tasting dick.  So we set out to rectify that.
We had all the brats except Douggie line up standing next to each other.  From the left, we had Ryan, Ray, Brandon, Charlie, Dickie, Terry, Justin and then Kenny all the way on the right.   
"Okay, Douggie Dearest," instructed his wife Jackie, "starting with Ryan, you're to suck off each boy until he comes, and you just better swallow every drop that comes out of those pricks."
"And, oh boys," I added my own instructions, "since you don't have permission to cum, then if you cum in Douggie's mouth you will get spanked."
Soon, the whimpering Douggie was working over Ryan's little thing, trying to bring him off. 

Which didn't take long at all, the moaning little guy treating us to the most violent orgasm any of us had yet seem. Ray's much bigger prick gave Douggie much more trouble, we weren't sure he'd get it all in his mouth and swallow all the older man's cum, but somehow, he managed to do so.

Brandon, like his best friend Ryan, had an intense cum - Douggie obviously was a natural at cocksucking.

Charlie was less problematic, spurting his diminutive load.

Dickie came almost as strongly as the two youngest husbands had.

Surprisingly, Teddy deposited a bigger load into Douggie's mouth than Ray had managed.

Justin and Kenny didn't disappoint, each having impressive cums of their own.

By now of course five minutes had passed and so Ryan and the other husbands were desperately trying to get their dicks back up. Douggie had maintained his erection throughout, except for a brief minute when he'd been struggling with Ray's cock, so he'd obviously enjoyed the experience!
"Okay boys!" announced Kathy chirpily, "time for your spankings for cumming. You can blame Douggie for being such a good cocksucker!"
"And that little wobble when you were sucking Ray means you get spanked too blowjob-boy!" Jackie informed her humiliated husband as she handed him over to Marcie for a brutal whipping with the cat 'o nines. I decided to give Kenny an unholy thrashing with a riding crop, leaving him with vivid red lines all up and down his backside, while Susie gave Ryan's little bottom a good hairbrushing, just like Jackie did with her cousin-in-law Brandon's.

Charlie, Ray and Teddy all got the strap from Rachel, Lisa and Nancy, while Taylor gave Justin a thorough tawsing and Dickie got a blistering paddling from Kathy.


Of course our now well-trained husbands stayed hard all through lunch and clearing away, while us wives, parents and relatives got a good look at their nude bodies.
"Okay guys," said Kathy's mom, " it's time to redden up those behinds before our next activity ."
So the dicks got a rest, and all our husbands got another spanking. We decided to split them up along 'family' lines this time. Susie took a strap to her cousin-in-law Kenny, as did Taylor with Douggie. Rachel gave Ray a taste of the cat while sisters-in-law Kathy and Nancy both decided to cane each other's husbands. Lisa whipped Brandon and Jackie tawsed Ryan, so that only left me with Dickie and Marcie with Teddy. Since my best friend and I were spanking each others men we decided to make it extra special, so we asked our moms to show us how to use the birches. And boy was it worth it! Birches are much better than a hairbrush or even a cane for scalding bare male asses. The tears were flowing like waterfalls by the time we'd finished! 


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